Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Still Here

I've just been a lot side tracked. This week is Spring Break so everything is all wacky. I have been in the back yard making it all pretty to enjoy for myself plus for DH retirement party which is in July sometime.

The MIL is still being on her best behavior which really makes for an amazing day ... week ... year. I'm so shocked that she's still being so nice to me & I believe we're working on week # 3. She hasn't started up any rumors, she hasn't "forgotten" to take her meds which makes her crazy, she hasn't "lost" something & blamed someone for taking it ... it's just been really nice. I haven't had adult conversation throughout the days in so long I almost don't know how to react.

My weight is staying the same which I can't complain about. I only exercised 1 time last week & so far ... besides yard work yesterday & today I haven't exercised. My food hasn't been to crazy. I did have pizza on Saturday & a few cookies & milk a lot of the days but other then that ... I'm doing well with my portions. I do need to start getting all my water in though. The one thing I have never had a problem with I now can't seem to get my daily amount in. I don't know what that's all about.

I started taking a weigh loss pill. I don't know w hy I thought it would work but I figured I've tried everything else I should go for this one to. It's called Lipozene It's suppose to curb your need for food, melt belly fat ... all of which I must say works. I've had a couple people tell me it's because it's filled with fiber (the ingredients doesn't have that in it). I could care less if it's full of fiber ...w hatever is in that little blue pill is keeping me from raiding the fridge at night & I also no longer feel the need for snacks in between meals. I'm still taking my regular fiber pills that the dietician suggested. The only thing I can tell taking those is I have more BM's then I do if I forget to take them.

Oh ... do you love giving gift baskets but you think their to pricey to buy & it's aggrivating to buy the stuff & make it yourself? Well have I got the perfect way to help you out. My long time friend has taken her talent of gift giving & made it into a business. I say it's about damn time. She's such a talented woman & she makes these beautiful gifts for all of us for nothing. Anyway ... check her out. I promise you her baskets are filled with so much love you'll be able to feel it the moment you touch it. You also won't have to worry about paying an arm & leg for anything cause she is a lot cheaper than any store bought item. Want her web site? Click StacyLynnZ Gifts & Gift Baskets


  1. Emmi, glad the MIL is behaving herself , you will be getting mail from me this week so be looking in your mailbox, Hugs Lisa

  2. Glad everything is going well!  I hope that weight loss pill works out for you.

  3. I am so glad that things are working out and I want to know more about this lipzene how long have you been taking it

  4. Glad to read that all is going well with your mil, and that you're staying busy. Good luck with your continued weight loss, and the new diet pill.

    Best Wishes