Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Checkin' In!

I don't know why I can't seem to remember to do my check in's. Maybe it's because I've gotten so used to staying away from the scale. As crazy as it may sound ... staying away has been a HUGE save to my sanity. I'm so much happier not that I don't do daily weigh in's. Well, with the Christmas challenge ThinChicks is having I know I need to weigh in at least once a week so here it goes ...


last week 201.6 ... this week 200.8! Almost 1 pound ... I'm happy with this loss. I upped my cardio a couple times a week & still ate about the same. This week however I'm on slim fast. I'm not crazy about drinking shakes all day long but I figure with Thursday being Thanksgiving ... I need all the help I can get. =D

So ... I did a 25 minute walk this morning with honey ... probably do it again tonight when he gets home.
B= slim fast shake, banana, 4 cups coffee
L= slim fast shake, banana
S= 2 cereal bars (100 cal. a piece)
D= 1 cup dirty rice w/hamburger

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Card Exchange

Every year I do a Christmas Card Exchange with all my online friends & I didn't want to stop the tradition just because AOL journals went under. A few of you have already sent me your e-mail but just in case the first entry was over looked I wanted to do a new entry on it.

The Christmas Card Exchange is really easy & a lot of fun. You e-mail me privately with your home mailing address ... I send you mine in return & we exchange Christmas cards this year.

I DO NOT share your addresses with anyone else and as soon as I use them I shred the list.

PLEASE ... do not leave your address in the comments section cause that's just to dangerous. If your interested in exchanging cards please send me an e-mail with your addy.

E-mail me!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Prayers Needed

My grand mother has Cancer in her Neck, Breast, Hip Bones, Adrenal Glands, Spline & on her Lung.

She just took her first Radiation treatment yesterday, which made her very sick. Dr. told us that without Kemo & Radiation she would have 3- months to live. With Kemo & Radiation she has 6-Months to a Year, God makes miracles, myself and the family are looking for one.
Keep her in you're prayers. Her name is Pauline.

Stay Hydrated When Exercising

Welcome to Sweating 101.

Question #1: During one hour of vigorous exercise, how much does the average person sweat?

Answer: One quart! As you can see, exercise saps a lot of water from our bodies. Start paying attention to your fluid intake 2-3 hours before you are going to exercise. Drink 2-3 cups of water during that time, and then drink another cup immediately before you start exercising. Without this extra water, your muscles will become dehydrated. Muscle movement depends on how hydrated you are, so if they are dry, they will not work as well. As a result, your workout will not be as productive as you would like. Once you start exercising, keep drinking water frequently. A good rule of thumb is to drink one cup every 15-20 minutes. Keep a water bottle with you. Take breaks to head to the water cooler. Do what it takes you keep yourself hydrated. Even when you are done exercising, you need to keep replenishing your fluid levels. It's recommended you drink another 2-3 cups within two hours after you have finished. Then drink water regularly afterwards. Do your body a favor and replenish that quart of fluids your body is losing while you work out. Your muscles will thank you later.

Exercise Extra: Staying properly hydrated helps make your workouts more productive.

Mini Pumpkin Bites


1/2 cup canned pumpkin
1/2 cup fat free whipped dessert
2 servings fat free vanilla pudding
1/8 tsp cinnamon
Dash ground cloves
Dash ground ginger
65 reduced fat vanilla wafers
Confectioners sugar for sprinkling (optional)


Mix pudding, pumpkin and spices. Fold in whipped topping. Put mixture in a sandwich bag, and clip the corner. Put cookies on a cookie tray, and squeeze pumpkin mix onto them. Chill in refrigerator.Sprinkle with confectioners sugar before serving if so desired.


Number of Servings: 65

Fun Family Fitness Tip

Have you thought about how great it would be to include your family in your pursuit to exercise more regularly? Family exercise will improve the health of your loved ones, make exercise more fun, and at the same time develop stronger connections between all of you. With a little creativity, you can find a way to make it work for everyone.


You may simply focus on educating each family member about the benefits of exercise--in a smart way. Bombarding everyone with statistics about heart disease, obesity, and blood pressure each morning as they come down to breakfast might not be the best option. Instead, hang up a "healthy living bulletin board" in your kitchen (or on the fridge door). Use it to post articles and other resources that will help get your point across without having to say much of anything. For example, if one child is an athlete, an article about a successful athlete who commits to exercise and good nutrition could go a long way. Or, post a story about a young person who had trouble focusing at school but started exercising and saw an amazing difference in their grades and ability to achieve goals. Most of all--make it fun for everyone! In the process, you'll teach your children about discipline, goal setting, and the importance of not only health, but also family connection.

My family used to always go on walks together but when I got out of the habit of taking a daily walk ... so did they. Last week my daughter & I started going again & then yesterday my son said if he could ride his bike he would like to go ... so we all went together just like old times. It was a great way to be together & all get healthy too.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Healthy Pumpkin Bread

One 15-oz. can pure pumpkin
1 1/4 cups whole-wheat flour 1/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup fat-free liquid egg substitute (like Original Egg Beaters)
1/2 cup Splenda No Calorie Sweetener (granulated)
1/4 cup brown sugar (not packed)
1/4 cup Ocean Spray Craisins Original Sweetened Dried Cranberries (or regular raisins), chopped
2 1/4 tsp. baking powder
1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 tsp. salt
1/3 tsp. pumpkin pie spice

Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large bowl, combine both types of flour, Splenda, brown sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, salt, and pumpkin pie spice (in other words, all dry ingredients except for the Craisins or raisins). In a medium bowl, mix together pumpkin, egg substitute, and vanilla extract (all the wet ingredients). Add this mixture to the bowl with the dry ingredients, and stir until just blended. Slowly sprinkle chopped Craisins or raisins into the batter, making sure they don't all stick together, and mix to distribute them. Spoon batter into a large loaf pan (about 9" X 5") sprayed with nonstick spray. Bake for about 50 minutes, until the top of the loaf is firm to the touch. (Bread may be moist inside. This doesn't mean it's undercooked.) Allow to cool, and then cut into 8 slices.


Serving Size: 1 (thick!) slice
Calories: 143
Fat: 0.5g
Sodium: 281mg
Carbs: 31g
Fiber: 4.5g
Sugars: 9g
Protein: 5g
POINTS® value 2*

Hungry Girl Alternative! To make this bread into muffins, evenly distribute the batter among 8 cups of a muffin pan sprayed with nonstick spray. Cook for 35 minutes at 350 degrees, let cool, and enjoy!

Slim Down Fast Food

We all know fast food isn't good for us, but sometimes it seems like there's no other option. Follow these rules, and you can drive through with a clear conscience!

11 Ways to Beef Up (the Nutrition in) Your Fast Food Meal

Look up nutrition info online before you go so you can plan your meal.
Say no to combo meals, even if you'll save a bit of money. They're inevitably larger and full of empty calories.

Say no when asked "Do you want fries with that?"

Get a baked potato, a fruit cup or some vegetables instead (check the kids menu). If you can't resist, get a small order and split them with a friend. Eat them one at a time to savor them.

Eat side dishes, like chili, soup, or baked potatoes, as a main course, or split appetizers among several people.

Order from the kids menu. The portions are smaller and there are usually healthy side dishes (fruit cups and carrot sticks) and drinks (milk or real fruit juice).

Drink water. Regular sodas can have as many as 400 calories!

Ask to order sauce on the side and nix the cheese. (It's just processed American cheese anyway, so you're not missing much in terms of flavor.)

Choose ketchup, mustard and salsa over mayo or creamy dressings.
Take off the top slice of bread or bun to save calories (at least 75)!

Nix anything "crispy," breaded or fried. Opt for grilled or roasted meats instead.
Avoid trendy or specialty menu items. They're likely to have high-calorie extras like bacon, cheese or creamy sauces. Stick to original or traditional hamburgers and other sandwiches.

Monday, November 17, 2008

1st Day of Change

I figured I would be back in the 200's and I have no one to blame but myself for slacking off but I do have the power to change that number & that's exactly what I'm going to be doing starting this morning.
My goal for this week is to pick healthier choices ... lots more veggies, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, continue to walk with hubby through the neighborhood but also do my own workout that last 30+ minutes. My hope is come Friday morning I will be 200 or less.
Today's Food Plan:
1/4 c egg beaters
1 oz cheese
3 c coffee
1 english muffin
2.5 cups of water
morning star burger
1 hamburger bun
no condiments!
2.5 cups of water
chicken alfredo
2.5 cups water
Protein Shake

Sunday, November 16, 2008

WTH Happened?

Ok ... so I'm not a beached whale (yet) but wow have I put on the fat somewhere. I'll weigh in first thing tomorrow morning so I know exactly where I'm at but I'm sure I will be looking at the 200's ... AGAIN!!!!

I'm going to be posting what I eat and the activity I get in ... I have to keep myself accountable & unless I'm posting here it seems that I just go on about my merry way not concerning myself with my weight. I tell myself that as long as I can still fit in my clothes then I must be at least maintaining. Then again, I don't want to maintain this weight ... I want to be at my goal weight. Somehow around August I just took the I don't give a crap attitude. I was sick to death of watching every bite & step day in & day out. I tend to obsess over such things. It's not good ... but then again maybe keeping a closer eye on my progress would have kept me from looking the way I do today.

So ... per Rena's suggestion of wearing an outfit that we love now & then taking a pic when we lose 5-10 pounds here is mine. The suit fit me great, but the under shirt was a little snug. I didn't take the jacket off all morning for fear I would pop a button or that I would look down & see those undesirable gaps.

Currently I'm wearing a size 16 jean, XL shirts, 38DD bra (really too snug). I'm only walking about 1.5 miles a day 4-5 times a week and I'm not watching what I eat at all.

Food today: HUGE home made biscuit, with chicken gravy, tall glass of milk, & 4 cups of coffee for breakfast. Lunch ... we went to Chinese after church. I had lo mien noodles, sweet & sour chicken with the sauce, sugar biscuit, 2 glasses of tea. Snack was peanut brittle with a glass of milk. Dinner ... 2 burritos ... the frozen kind ... very unhealthy with a dollop of fat free sour cream. You'll notice no water. I haven't had more then 4 glasses a day in months. What's wrong with me?

Goal ... I want to be 2-5 pounds lighter by Thanksgiving. I want to be 10-15 pounds lighter by Christmas morning ... 15 pounds lighter by New Years day.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Miracle of Toilet Paper

Fresh from my shower, I stand in front of the mirror complaining to myhusband that my breasts are too small.

Instead of characteristically telling me it's not so, he uncharacteristically comes up with a suggestion. 'If you want your breasts to grow, then every day take a piece of toilet paper and rub it between themfor a few seconds.

'Willing to try anything, I fetch a piece of toilet paper and stand in front of the mirror, rubbing it between my breasts. 'How long will this take?' I asked. 'They will grow larger over a period of years,' my husband replies. I stopped.

'Do you really think rubbing a piece of toilet paper between my breasts every day will make my breasts larger over the years?

'Without missing a beat he says, 'Worked for your butt, didn't it?

'He's still alive, and with a great deal of therapy, he may even walk again although he will probably continue to take his meals through a straw.

Stupid, stupid man.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm like Doris Day!

Your result for Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Or Someone Else? Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz...

You Are a Doris!

You are a Doris -- "I must help others."

Dorises are warm, concerned, nurturing, and sensitive to other people's needs.

How to Get Along with Me

  • * Tell me that you appreciate me. Be specific.

  • * Share fun times with me.

  • * Take an interest in my problems, though I will probably try to focus on yours.

  • * Let me know that I am important and special to you.

  • * Be gentle if you decide to criticize me.

In Intimate Relationships

  • * Reassure me that I am interesting to you.

  • * Reassure me often that you love me.

  • * Tell me I'm attractive and that you're glad to be seen with me.

What I Like About Being a Doris

  • * being able to relate easily to people and to make friends

  • * knowing what people need and being able to make their lives better

  • * being generous, caring, and warm

  • * being sensitive to and perceptive about others' feelings

  • * being enthusiastic and fun-loving, and having a good sense of humor

What's Hard About Being a Doris

  • * not being able to say no

  • * having low self-esteem

  • * feeling drained from overdoing for others

  • * not doing things I really like to do for myself for fear of being selfish

  • * criticizing myself for not feeling as loving as I think I should

  • * being upset that others don't tune in to me as much as I tume in to them

  • * working so hard to be tactful and considerate that I suppress my real feelings

Dorises as Children Often

  • * are very sensitive to disapproval and criticism

  • * try hard to please their parents by being helpful and understanding

  • * are outwardly compliant

  • * are popular or try to be popular with other children

  • * act coy, precocious, or dramatic in order to get attention

  • * are clowns and jokers (the more extroverted Dorises), or quiet and shy (the more introverted Dorises)

Dorises as Parents

  • * are good listeners, love their children unconditionally, and are warm and encouraging (or suffer guilt if they aren't)

  • * are often playful with their children

  • * wonder: "Am I doing it right?" "Am I giving enough?" "Have I caused irreparable damage?"

  • * can become fiercely protective

Take Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Or Someone Else? Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz at HelloQuizzy

Peanut Festival

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Keep the Weight Off with Daily Weigh-Ins

Sometimes the hardest part of weight loss is keeping it off. It can be daunting to know that within two years, most dieters regain two-thirds of what they lost! But researchers studied 291 people (mostly women) who had lost at least 10% of their body weight (an average of 44 pounds) in the previous two years.

Participants were given scales (and encouraged to use them daily), as well as different levels of support (either a monthly email, an internet chat group, or face-to-face meetings). At the onset of the study, 40% of the dieters were weighing themselves daily. After 18 months, 65% of those who chatted online and 72% of those who received face-to-face support weighed themselves daily, while those without support weighed themselves less. On top of that, 68% of dieters who did NOT weight-in daily gained five pounds or more over the course of the 18-month study.

Action Sparked: This study shows the importance both social support (either online or in person), and keeping track of your progress--even after you have already met your goal. You can get (and give!) plenty of support from your exercise buddies, trainer, family, and friends too. When you weigh yourself regularly, you're more likely to catch weight gain early on--and do something about it.

Give yourself about a 5-pound range to stay within, and continue to watch your calories and get plenty of exercise after you meet your goal. While daily weigh-ins might not be necessarily for everyone, you can still keep yourself in check with consistent, weekly weigh-ins, body fat tests, or other measurements (such as waist, hips, etc.).

Exercise Extra: Muscle weights more than fat, but takes up less space. So don't be surprised if you end up gaining some weight as a result of exercising.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I got a new puppy!!!!

This is my new puppy Zeus with Harley. Harley doesn't know what to think of Zeus yet.
Isn't he so cute?

Ok so the story goes like this ... hubby said no more dogs ... I mean we do have 2 chihuahua's, a chiweenie, a pom, and a mix ... we don't need anymore. So I was shocked when hubby says I want this dog ... he's all mine. As many times as he has told me yes I could have a puppy, I couldn't turn him down. Now we have 3 chihuahua's ... Zeus is a mini like my other two.