Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Pounds, Banished and Vanished!

Don't dwell on your indiscretion if you ate and drank too much over the holidays. With a few simple changes, you can lose those holiday pounds in no time.

Feeling blue about overeating on a few occasions the past few weeks? It's time to jump back on the horse and gallop toward a new you! Here are some great ideas that will help you get back on track with your weight-loss plan.

Shovel, rake, or mow your way to a slimmer you. No matter what season it is, there's always some yard work to be done. Take advantage of a snowfall and tackle your driveway or sidewalk several times that day. In the spring and summer, grab a manual lawn mower and trim your lawn. In autumn, rake the leaves in your front yard. Remember to use your arms and legs as much as possible and not your lower back so you don't injure yourself.

Get rid of the holiday goodies. We all stock up on extra sweets and goodies over the holidays for guests. But get rid of them as soon as the holidays are over so they don't tempt you! If you don't want to throw them out, drop them off at your local food bank, or take them to work to share them around. How about a nice new year gift basket of sweets for your children's teachers or caretakers? (Obviously, only untouched, unopened packages apply.)

Map out your meals. Spend a few minutes each morning planning out your meals and snacks for the day. The key is to prepare for when hunger strikes. This way, you won't default for the chips, but will grab the crudités instead.

Turn the music up. When you're ready to clean up the holiday mess, turn on music and move your body! Add a few dance steps to your kitchen sweep or while vacuuming the carpets. When cleaning the bathroom, alternate among the bath/shower, sink and toilet, to make it more interesting and to keep yourself moving. Add some toning to your dance routine with lunges and squats.

Finish with fresh fruit. Instead of the sweetness of chocolate, or a heavy, high-calorie dessert, finish off your meal with fresh fruit. It's just as sweet, and guaranteed to satisfy.

Play outdoors as much as possible. Any time of year lends itself to outdoor activity, and not just the ordinary kind. Grab your kids and go inline skating. Take advantage of a snowfall and go sledding on the biggest hill in town. Or pick up a softball bat and some mits and start a game. Soon enough you'll be running around like a kid, having a great time while burning calories.

Skip the wine when you dine. Instead of having a glass of wine with dinner, opt instead for mineral water with a splash of cranberry juice or grape juice for some sweetness. If you really enjoy a glass of wine in the evening, trying having one every other night, or treating yourself once or twice a week.

Work your water intake. Encourage yourself to drink your 6 to 8 glasses of water a day by buying yourself a refillable water bottle and keep it filled while at work or on the go. In no time, this will become second nature, and you'll feel fuller more often.

Fill up on fiber. Try adding more fiber-rich foods to your diet, like whole grains and leafy vegetables. Foods full of fiber tend to have fewer calories and keep you fuller longer. This is another easy way to get your recommended 4 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. You'll probably even discover some fiber-rich foods you love!

Join the gym sensation. Throughout the year, gyms everywhere are offering promotions for memberships. Take a walk-through of your local gym and see if what they have interests you. You may like the classes they are offering, or you may feel inspired by all those working out around you. Remember, if you decide to join a gym, you can start off slowly and work your way up!

Day 1

Today ... well so far ... the food has gone very well. Breakfast was different then what I'm used to but it was good. I would usually just grab a bowl of cereal hot or cold & make it last until lunch. I was starved by lunch time but it's my own fault. I saved the yogurt from breakfast for later in the morning but later in the morning I was shopping for fresh veggies. By the time I got home it was time for lunch. We didn't have any hunnus made so I wait for hubby to make some ... boy was it ever worth the wait. It was even better then I remembered ... maybe I was just that darned hungry. I still have to convince him to make some guacamole dip so I will have it for my snack later today.

I worked out today which makes 2 days in a row. I'm very proud of myself. I did 32 minutes of cardio then 12 min of yoga. All on the Wii Fit! WOW ... I was really pouring with sweat. I'm really into the boxing & stepping. Maybe cause it's my favorites to do when I break out my workout videos. Who knows. All I know is right now I'm having fun working out again ... when I stopped working out before it was because it felt like a chore.

Need to work on my water. I've only had one glass & it's a little after 3. NOT GOOD!

Well, that's all for me today. Have an appointment with Brinks. We've had a few burglaries in the area so we're gonna break down & have a system put in.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Weight Watchers or BUST

Thanks Dutch for reminding me about Weight Watchers. I was with them at the beginning of last year & did end up losing a little weight but I hit a plateau and gave up. After checking the mail & seeing a WW flier I realized someone was trying to tell me something. First Dutch ... then the flier ... on top of this was me wanting something, some way to lose weight but do it healthfully. I'm just to old to try another fad diet that sheds the pounds quickly but packs it on even quicker. I want life time results & I know weight watchers won't let me down as long as I don't give up on the plan.

Food choices today were just crap but I'll end the night with renewed commitment to get healthy. I'll also end my night with a little time on the Wii Fit. Hey ... a girls gotta get in her activity so I'm gonna make it a fun one. My weigh in's are set up for every Friday morning so I'll have to come back & let ya'll know how well I did. I get 26 points a day plus 35 flex points a week. I'm gonna do my best not to use the flex points or activity points that often. Take out will be for special occasions only ... I could stand to save a little money anyway. Not only that, I'll be helping my sons waist line as well. Now if that isn't added motivation to prepare meals at home then I don't know what is. =)

Monday morning Blues

I was thinking I would jump back on the ban wagon this morning but now that it's here the thought of monitoring everything that goes into my mouth seems like a major chore. Diet Pictures, Images and Photos One that I'm not sure I want to under take yet again. I haven't had breakfast yet so I haven't started the day off poorly ... I can still get my head into the game, right?

DIET Pictures, Images and Photos Why does saying your on a diet make you feel so crappy? Maybe I just won't use that word this time. I'm not on a diet ... I'm on a journey to be a healthier me. I'm not going to say I won't eat cake & ice cream cause I'm only human ... I love sweets! I can say I will eat them in moderation ... and refuse to over indulge in all the diet no-no foods. I can fill up on delicious fruits & veggies and save the deserts for special occasions. Sounds like a plan huh?!

diet Pictures, Images and Photos I didn't weigh in this morning ... I just didn't think I could handle the number that the scale might show me. I know that I was 204 about a week ago ... that's what the Wii Fit told me anyway. I'd call it a damn liar but then I'd just have that thumb pointing back at me saying I was the only liar in the room.

diet Pictures, Images and Photos I think what I'm gonna do is really watch my portions this week & then next week I'm gonna go a little further with it. I'm gonna break out my fat loss code book. It seemed to really help me with my food choices last time. I don't know why I didn't just stick with it. All of the family was feeling better. The foods are amazing ... the portions are plentiful ... my skin was looking radiant. Now if that's not enough to make me get back on track then I don't know what is.

Hope you have a great week ... I know I'm gonna be putting my best foot forward as of now. I may not reach my goal before the new year gets here but I sure can have a great start to the end of the year goals that I want for 2009.

Friday, December 26, 2008


WOW ... it's been a few days since I have made a post. It's not because I have fallen off the ban wagon and into a big home made apple pie. Lots of things have been going on around here. With the hussel & bussel of Christmas came a couple of family deaths. My granny has been sick for a little over a month so when my dad got the call last week to come say his final goodbyes we all knew it wouldn't be much longer ... Christmas Eve she passed away. Well, while family was saying their good-bys my granny's sister let everyone know that he son took his own life on Monday night. No one knows why ... I don't know if I ever knew him.

I'm not sad that my granny is gone ... I wasn't very close to her but I am sad for my dad and brother who were very close to her. I called them everyday this week to check in on them. My brother took it much harder then I expected & my dad took it far better then I thought. Both are doing well now ...

I've got a bug or something ... I just don't feel like eating much of anything, when I do eat I just wish I could throw it back up. Of course I don't cause my body is a funny thing ... it would rather burp & fart it out then puke it out. I can only remember one time that I have ever thrown up ... I wasn't even drunk. =}

Anyway ... Christmas morning went very well. I got new PSP software ... I'm still trying to figure it out but so far I think I like it better ... I also got a new digital zoom camera. I sooo needed a new camera. My old one just doesn't take nice photos. I have long since missed my zoom camera that got broke while hubby was in Egypt. Oh, I also got loads of make-up ... hubby did good. The kids seemed to get everything important to them & hubby as well. He got all of his gifts early cause he's a very ompatient man. he he he I got him 2 hand guns & a shotgun. He's into guns ... what can I say.

I talked to my mom ... she called me. Anyway, as always I just felt depressed/annoyed with the way the conversation went. She was going on and on and on about all the things she bought f or my neice (the neice that she stole from my brother). I'm sitting there thinking what 10 year old child needs a 42 inch plasma tv? Heck I don't even have a plasma tv, their too expensive. I don't think it's really the fact of what my neice got for Christmas but the fact that she didn't get my kids ... her grandkids a single thing ... not even a card or letter to let them know she was thinking about them. Shoot ... she didn't even ask to talk with them, I had to ask her if she wanted to say hello. She did of course but I was just so annoyed at all the things she does for her "(grand) daughter" but how my children are disreguarded. Oh well ... I don't expect anything less out of the woman.

So, my nerves have been shot but I'm still alive & kicking. I haven't been on the Wii Fit but I will be going back to it. Someone asked if it was hard ... it's not hard at all. Everything start with a short amount of time ... the skiing is only a minute long as well as hula hoop, and soccer ... I think the first jogging & step is only a minute or two. As you get stronger you have the option to go longer. The longest thing I found was the advanced step at 10 minutes. It's really boring but I have a plan for next time ... play my own music instead of keeping step to a voice that says 1-2-3-4 ... can you say boring?

So I'm off for the night ... didn't realize it was after 9pm. I'm pooped out. Have a great weekend.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Like a hair in a biscuit

I'm still hanging in there ...

I bought hubby a Wii Fit for his birthdat on the 16th. He has been complaining of gaining weight & wanting to take it off but knowing he can't be all hooah because he's just to darned old for all that hard core stuff. Anyway, I have been trying to get him to do yoga with me but he's only interested in it if I will agree to do it in the buff. HELLO ... fat chick here ... he's lucky i9f he sees me in the buff when I step out of the shower. =P

So anyway ... he hasn't really gotten on the Wii ... but I sure have. I love the thing! I did 30 minutes of step & I'm telling ya I thought it was only about 10 minutes worth. Of course I was sweating like a PIG but it was so much fun. I did a little yoga, a little strength training and a little bit of balance stuff too ... this little machine is worth every penny. Hey ... even the kids are fitting over who's gonna go exercise now. What could be better then that?

So, with this new little machine comes a new attitude & desire to get this weight off. Now I have no illusions of reaching my end of the year goal weight but I'm determined to at least make it to 199 ... as of this morning I was 204. I can lose 2.5 pounds a week. The most important thing is I'm back to getting some formal type of cardio in. My nightly walks have fallen to the way side now that hubby is working the 3rd shift. It's his last night though ... Monday he starts his new job. I'm thinking the hours are 7-3 or 8-4. He won't find out until he shows up Monday. Since it's his first day & it's Christmas exodus around here we may not know what his regular schedule will look like unitl the new year.

Ok, so enough of my babbling ... I've made up a list (with the help of www.sparkpeople.com) of motivators ...

My Major Motivation Points below.

Personal Appearance: I want to:

•Look younger
•Wear a swim suit on the beach
•Stop avoiding mirrors
•Keep my thighs from rubbing
•Look better naked!
•Have my clothes fit better
Health & Fitness: I want to:
•Live longer
•Have more energy
•Climb stairs without being winded
•Feel and be stronger
•Bring down my cholesterol
Friends, Family and Social Life: I want to:
•Play and be active with my kids
•Do more active things with my spouse/siginicant other
•Knock ‘em dead at my reunion!
Everyday Signs and Situations: I want to:
•Be more confident in myself, with better self esteem
•Overcome shyness
•Fly, ride a roller coaster or go to a movie without feeling squashed or using a seatbelt extender
•Walk into a room without feeling like people are staring
•Relax around other people and be myself
•Have people ask if I have lost weight
•Prove to myself that I can do it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Merry Christmas from Me!!!


Friday, December 5, 2008

That's my Story

We all get heavier as we get older because there's a lot more information in our heads. So I'm not fat, I'm just really intelligent and my head couldn't hold any more so it started filling up the rest of me!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it !!!! Hope you are sticking to yours!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Where's the brownies?

The kids are making brownies for their home economics project today. Darned things smell so darned good that I already know I won't be able to resists the things. Their chocolate chip something ... all I know is it's tons of chocolate & right now I have chocolate ont he brain.

Last night I ended up going for a neighborhood walk with daughter & hubby. It was really cold so hubby said we could turn around & go back home ... I said nope ... we're already out here so lets make the most of it. So we finished the big circle & we all felt better to get in our exercise.

Today ... I haven't eaten much of anything. A bowl of corn flakes for breakfast ... no lunch yet, although I am getting ready to have a late one. Maybe that will help with not eating much of the chocolate ... dinner, well I'm thinking it will be something quick & easy ... eggs, bacon, cheese on toast. It was hubby's idea so I can't take credit for it. He's working a double so he will just want something quick then he'll be out for the night.

As for exercise ... I'm planning on doing a walk video ... something from exercise on demand. I hope there are some good things to choose from today. I'm tired of all my videos & need something fun to keep my mind occupied. If I start thinking it's a workout ... I may just stop but if it's fun I know I'll finish it.

That's all for me. Hope everyone is staying on plan ... or at least doing their best.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fluckin DIE - t Already!

Are you hear expecting to see how the diet is going? he he he That's a funny one cause I have been all jacked up since Thanksgiving morning. I just don't know what to do with myself. It's like all my will power is gone ... actually I think I ate my will power over the weekend. I've even slacked off on my exercise again too ... I don't know what's up with that. I was starting to get back into the swing of things right before Thanksgiving but with hubby home everything went hay wire. He made a wonderful Thanksgiving breakfast ... then lunch ... then dinner. Friday we were out the door by 4 but not before we grabbed a couple of donuts. We stopped for breakfast ... made it home for lunch. Just left overs so not horrible. We were to tired to make dinner so we stopped in at Sonic while we were out shopping for bedroom furniture for son. We found a great buy! Anyway Saturday we went out to eat for lunch & dinner ... we were out shopping ... Sunday was a good start with a healthy breakfast but when we dropped off the kids at Sunday school we went for a coffee ... I didn't want the house special so I had a hot chocolate. They didn't have the fat free milk so it was either full fat or nothing at all. We went out for lunch & dinner again. My gosh ... we were in take out hell. We could have saved a bundle if we would have just stayed at home.

Yesterday we didn't go anywhere ... hubby had to work a double shift. I started my morning with a bowl of cereal ... then lunch was left over pizza ... dinner another bowl of cereal. I guess I wanted cereal! Nothing bad! My mouth hurt to bad ... I had to see the dentist around lunch time. I did manage to squeeze in a 1 mile walk video.

Today ... I had an egg cheese sandwich ... home made, nothing frozen. Lunch was 2 cereal bars, snack was a cereal bar & for dinner I'm making a chicken dish. I'm hoping to muster up the energy to get in a little workout. All I have been doing today is making tags ... that doesn't do anything but increase the size of my back end. I swear right now I don't want to back up cause I fear I'll hear ... beep ... beep ... beep. The scale? Ha ... I haven't shown my face since last Monday ... don't know if I will show my face again until the new year.

Monday, December 1, 2008