Friday, July 24, 2009

Down but not out!

I'm still around but have come down with a major sinus infection that has pretty much left me incapacitated. I kid you not. All I have been able to do this whole week in lay in a dark room and eat sinus meds along with migraine meds in hope for some kind of relief. It isn't coming so now I guess I have to actually go in and see the doctor. I'm so miserable that I can barely even manage to get a fulls nights sleep. Uggg, I'm ready for fall to get here cause my allergies are never as bad then as they are in the summer. Alabama, although I love living here just kills me in the allergy department. Where else in all of the US do you know of where mushrooms grow in the sun? Well, they do here ... I have tons in my sun laden front yard. My flowers/trees die without enough water but those mushrooms just gain more growing power. Who wants to have a mushroom stompin' party? he he he

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 3 Detox

My resolve to stay the corse is quickly fading as my hunger increases. I told myself last night that I could do at least 1 more day of only eating raw fruits & veggies. I was so hungry when I went to be though. No amount of water satisfied me and then this morning I woketo a growling belly. I could say it's dehydration cause the two feelsimilar but I doubt that it is. I checked my weight again this morning and as usual the weight loss has come a slow process. I lost 2 oz since yesterday which is still very good, just frustrated that it wasn't more of a loss since I feel like I'm sacrificing so much. I'm determined to stay on this mini detox for 1 more day to see if more weight will come off ... if it's a big number then I will do the 4th & final day, if it's a small number or nothing at all, well, I don't know ... have to see how hungry I am.

Exercise today will be a nice 2-3 mile (15 min mi) walk using 3 pound hand weights. My son says he's interested in doing it with me. This summer he has become interested in what he looks like with all the attention he's getting from girls. It's so cute! However, I'm keeping an eye on him to make for sure he doesn't do anything drastic to get the weight off. He seems to have a very good head on his shoulder & is a lot like me when it comes to food ... he gets to hungry to starve himself. Hope it always stays this way. I guess my best example is to not talk about my weight loss but just show them how to eat healthfully and exercise.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 2 Detox

Day one didn't end as bad as I thought it might. I kept sipping my water & ate a few more slices of watermellon. This morning made it all worth it. The scale read two hundred eight pounds and six ounces. That a full 3 pounds down in just one day. I have to be honest, I wasn't expecting that much of aloss in one day but I was really hoping for it!
Anyway, this morning I almost caved in to a cup of coffee, poured it and just when I was about to drink it I realized that if I had the creamer & sugar sub. it would probably ruin all the good I didfor my body yesterday. I started thinking what it would taste like with honey as a sweetner .... ewww, in the end I just dumped out the cup of coffee and all it's caffine went down the drain. I made me some herbal tea & promised myself the end results would be so worth the loss of my caffine. The dietician has been telling me f or years to get off of it anyway. Now is the perfect time to do it.
To answer a question; Slim Seductions ... ok I do like this stuff cause it really curbes my desire to eat and when all your eating is certain fruits and drinking lemonade, well you want more food. Anyway, it was actually by accident that I got this product. I was on FaceBook and this company logo was on the side panel looking for women who wanted to lose weight. Well, I always want to lose weight so I clicked on it. The site said they would send me a free trial and I had 14 days to try it out. If I didn't like it, no harm no foul. I only had to pay for shipping & handling. Well when I got the trial ... it wasn't a trial at all. It was day 10 of a 14 day trial, they had my credit card info and would be taking out $75 for a six week supply & then if I didn't cancel my account they would send me another 6 weeks supply & bill my credit card. Well, I kept the first shipment to see if it was worth it but I canceled my account cause that's alot of money for something I'm not sure will work in the first place. Not to mention I wasn't told up front I would be sent a 6 week supply. Anyway, I'm sure you can do a search to order it. I'm just not sure how much I would trust the company.
Ok, I'm off of here for now. Think I'll check out the raw food web site left in my comments area yesterday. Thanks for that Jana.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fruit Detox Update

Holy toledo ... this morning was fine, didn't feel hungry cause the lemonade was keeping me feeling full but about 1pm the belly starts growling begging me to feed it. I just grabbed a couple chunks of watermellon and strawberries ... then after an hour or so the belly started up again, I drank a POT of green tea. =) Hey, it worked. Now dinner will be the tricky part, the kids are having pizza, my favorite & I can't have it. Maybe it will be an early bedtime tonight. I sure hope tomorrow goes better than today has. I can'timagine what I will be feeling like come day 3 or 4. The magazine says 10 days is the perfect amount of time to spend on it but studies show the mini detox works just as well. Now I'm not saying 10 days is crazy but come on ... who in the world can not eat anything more than raw fruits & veggies for 10+ days? Ya have to give it up to the girls who just don't eat to stay thin. Not that I'm saying that's the way to go cause clearly it isn't but they have determination that I just can't seem to grab a hold of.
On a side note to all those who may be interested ... there are side effects besides being a little hungry and at times feeling a littlelight headed. The drink really cleans out the ole back end. =)

Weigh In

I like Monday morning weigh in's because it always seems that I am more honest with my food choices over the weekend. I'll admit I was horrible this past weekend though cause I knew I was starting a program this morning so it seemed like I was doing the " this is the last time I'll have this in a while" thing. I know BAD!!! Anyhoo, as of this morning I am seriously getting back in the weight loss game. Last week I said I was but it didn't last more than 1 day of exercise and I ended up eating out with hubby several times throughout the week. I was reading First for Women magazine when I came upon this fruit detox cleanse that helped some people lose as much as 16 pounds in 4 days. I'm not gonna kid myself & think I can lose that much but I am gonna try for 5 pounds in 4 days.

So this is what the fruit detox consists of, a homemade lemonaide that I drink throughout the day for 4 days, if I get hungry I can drink herbal teas (must use maple syrup as a sweetner) and eat unlimited berries and certain water based veggies. I love hot teas and have founf in the past that it curbes my appetite so I think I should be able to do this detox. The article says you can stay on the program until you reach your weight loss of do mini detoxs 3-4 days every week until you get there. I think I'll be doing the mini cleanses. The woman in the article did 5 mini cleanses & ended up losing 7 pounds the first week & 5 there after. I can live with that!

My motivation to stick with the program this week is a trip to 6Flags this coming weekend. The last time we went my clothes were tighter then they are now & let me tell ya ... it was painful on a few of the rides. I don't want to have to squeeze into the seats this time, I want to enjoy the rides. I CAN do this! I did it before so I know it is possible to lose the weight again.

Homemade Lemonaide;

In 8 oz of water combine 3 TB of lemon juice, 3 TB maple syrup, and 1/10 of a tsp of cayanne pepper. Sip 6 cups throughout the day.

Author's Note: It doesn't smell anything like lemonaide to me and it doesn't taste all that great warm but if it's cold and your just sipping it ... it's not so bad. Be careful not to put to much cayanne pepper in it if you don't like spicy cause it is SPICY!!!

Fruits & Veggies;
If your gonna be on the cleanse for a week or more you can Citrus, berries, cucumbers, peppers, and leafy greens. If you get a headache or nausea as the normal side effect in the first 3 days, (This is because your body w ill be realeasing toxins very quickly) sip 3 cups of peppermint, raspberry chamomile, or slippery elm tea daily.

Weigh in:
Ok, so I guess if your still here I haven't bored you to tears and I will put in my weight. Two hundred eleven pounds and six ounces. Like writing it out will make a difference! =) Maybe I think hateres will be looking for a number to laugh at and not actually bother to read words ... yes I'm weird, I think about those sorts of things. I'm so totally embarrassed that I let myself go like this. My highest weight ever was 234 a year after I had my second child. I lost 80 pounds in a year and was able to maintain it for 2 years. Now 8 years later I'm almost back to where I started & I just can't do it. I won't ever be there again.

So, here's to a new day andagreat outlook on what I WILL accomplish! I do plan on weighing in everyday that I'm on this detox. I'm hoping the weight will be less and give me more motivation to stay on plan.

Thanks to all of my supporters.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Do over #3999?

So yeah ... ummm ... I haven't been worried about my diet or exercise program in a long long time. I don't even know why. All I know is that I was sickto death of working my behind off with my food choices and all that cardio only to see the scale go up. I figured if it's gonna go up anyway I should just enjoy relaxing on the couch reading a good book and eating the foods I love. Yeah, well, that didn't work out so well either so now my brain is back to saying get off your lazy and start working out & eating healthy again. Even if I gain more weight at least I know I'm doing right by my body.

I'm not gonna give the number of where I'm at cause I'm so darned embarrassed by it. I'm almost at my highest weight and I had an excuse back then that I don't have now.

My plan of action is first to get back into exercising & that is tonight. I'll be walking most nights with one of my new friends. She's the preachers wife and just a blessing to be around. Food wise I'm going back to portion control making for sure I eat a lot more fruits & veggies. I'm taking an appitie suppressant called Slim Seductions. These little pills are amazing. This is day two using these babies and they do more then curb my want for food ... they make me crave water ... make me have a million bowel movements ... but the best part is my libido is going through the roof. =) You know hubby is happy about that side effect.