Monday, September 29, 2008

Economic Crisis

I have kept politics out of this journal because I know that it's a no-no topic to keep friends ... but in this case I think we all have the right to be informed on what's going on & who has caused what. Ya see, over the weekend I found this YouTube video (not the one above) where someone took more time than I have to do the research on who is truly at fault for our economic crisis that our country is facing. Anyway ... late this afternoon I found an article stating the video was removed by democratic supporters who believe the Obama Truth Squad should come in & sweep "lies" under the rug.  The only problem with the "lies" statement is that all the evidence in the video is backed up by simple google searches. Well, I went back to the article to show my DH what I found, only to find that the article had been modified to say that the video was pulled because the author of the video did not have legal rights to the music. Come on ... how many YouTube videos have you watched? Do you think they are pulling those videos? No ... but they have pulled several ... even one of John McCains that was "lies" was pulled early this morning.

Anyway, the author of the video that was pulled simply re posted his video with slight modifications. His old one reached 1.2 million views in only 4 days (all positive views I must add). How many views will this one reach before it is pulled because of some bogus claim?

How far is this going to go? Don't we as Americans have the right to speak what we wish? Why is the truth so hard to swallow? As I type this ... law enforcement agencies are in MO pulling any & all ads that "LIE" against Obama! What about his own false ads?  The Obama camp is also in Ohio going to homeless shelters & colleges busing anyone they can to register & vote on the spot. As far as I can find ... this is an illegal practice. When you register to vote that information is taken to the county court house and then it is processed to make for sure you are eligible to vote. By eligible I mean you can not be a felon, you can't be registered more than once, you can not be homeless, etc. Once your information is verified you are mailed a voter registration card. You are to take this card with you when you vote. If you are unable to vote on election day due to being overseas (soldiers and such) you can opt for a absentee ballot. Did you know that absentee ballots aren't counted unless the race is very close? That's right! From what I have gathered ... the party who is behind can ask for certain counties to be counted. The reasoning? If they pick the county then they can pick the counties that are heavily voting for that said party. This is what happened in the 2000 election with Bush/Gore.

I'm not telling you who to vote for ... I'm just asking you to be informed! There are a lot of great sources everywhere but the one I have found to be MOST honest on both sides is .

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