Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Card Exchange

Every year I do a Christmas Card Exchange with all my online friends & I didn't want to stop the tradition just because AOL journals went under. A few of you have already sent me your e-mail but just in case the first entry was over looked I wanted to do a new entry on it.

The Christmas Card Exchange is really easy & a lot of fun. You e-mail me privately with your home mailing address ... I send you mine in return & we exchange Christmas cards this year.

I DO NOT share your addresses with anyone else and as soon as I use them I shred the list.

PLEASE ... do not leave your address in the comments section cause that's just to dangerous. If your interested in exchanging cards please send me an e-mail with your addy.

E-mail me!


  1. I have your address I believe from last year. I'll double check. I have my cards ready!

  2. oh gosh usually i can barely get the major important cards send (grandma...she's the only one that got a card last year!) Plus I think i may be getting a job here next week and that usually makes me comatose at home in the evening so I will have to pass for now. I am so bad at cards that I have three years worth of beautiful cards purchased that never got used. Wow, how un Christmassy! If I can get organized I will come back and join the exchange.

  3. Emmi, I still have your address, we will totally exchange cards, Love You Lisa