Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 3 Detox

My resolve to stay the corse is quickly fading as my hunger increases. I told myself last night that I could do at least 1 more day of only eating raw fruits & veggies. I was so hungry when I went to be though. No amount of water satisfied me and then this morning I woketo a growling belly. I could say it's dehydration cause the two feelsimilar but I doubt that it is. I checked my weight again this morning and as usual the weight loss has come a slow process. I lost 2 oz since yesterday which is still very good, just frustrated that it wasn't more of a loss since I feel like I'm sacrificing so much. I'm determined to stay on this mini detox for 1 more day to see if more weight will come off ... if it's a big number then I will do the 4th & final day, if it's a small number or nothing at all, well, I don't know ... have to see how hungry I am.

Exercise today will be a nice 2-3 mile (15 min mi) walk using 3 pound hand weights. My son says he's interested in doing it with me. This summer he has become interested in what he looks like with all the attention he's getting from girls. It's so cute! However, I'm keeping an eye on him to make for sure he doesn't do anything drastic to get the weight off. He seems to have a very good head on his shoulder & is a lot like me when it comes to food ... he gets to hungry to starve himself. Hope it always stays this way. I guess my best example is to not talk about my weight loss but just show them how to eat healthfully and exercise.


  1. Awwww Emmi, you are doing great, keep up the good work, Hugs Lisa