Monday, November 9, 2009

Find the Strength to Stop Emotional Eating

Emotional eating can be a big problem when you're trying to lose weight. You have a sucky week (or month!), and suddenly that pint of ice cream seems like the solution to your problem, right? WRONG! That's the old you. The new, empowered, and strong you can push through tough or trying times, knowing that things can and will get better.

Stop letting your emotions sabotage your weight loss. Establish healthy patterns of behavior and invest in your physical and emotional well-being. Here's some good advice from me to you when it comes to emotional eating when your having "one of those days":

I've been there! Emotional eating was my specialty and can still creep in if I am not careful — like last week!

I have found that a good, hard workout definitely helps. For some reason, accomplishing something physically difficult gives me the stamina and focus to get through the emotional difficulties. It has taught me to "buck up," push through it, and get over it. I'm not perfect in this area, but I have made progress.

There are times, though, when I am emotionally spent and what I really need is rest. You know your body — just listen to it. And remember, this is a lifelong commitment — today is just one day in your journey. Tomorrow is a new day and another step forward.

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