Thursday, November 5, 2009

Someone to Watch Over Me

To chase down big goals like losing 50 pounds or more, you've got to make some major lifestyle changes. Some shifts are easier than others. For instance, trading your chips for air-popped popcorn might be a little easier than getting up at the crack of dawn to exercise every day. For that kind of change, you might need a little extra support.

To help keep your feet firmly on the path to successful weight loss and fitness, find someone to look up to — someone whom you trust to educate you about health and fitness, give you advice and answers when you're feeling lost, and stimulate your sense of possibility and potential.

My role model was a Jazzercise instructor that I met while my husband was stationed in Hawaii. I had just delivered my 2nd child by c-section less than a year earlier & I was way out of shape. She encouraged me to take baby steps instead of giving up on myself. Within a couple months I was already 30 pounds lighter and close to my half way mark. We we sent to NY before I could get all my weight off but as luck/Army would have it Lori (the instructor) followed soon after. I was in every class and soon became her assistant then on to get certified myself. So Lori not only encouraged me to get healthy but I ended up encouraging others to get healthy too.

The easiest way to get instant support is to hire a personal trainer, but you don't have to spend a lot of money to get the support you need. Look for a sponsor in a local support group or a trusted friend who has been there, done that — basically, anyone you respect who has the knowledge you need and the ability to challenge you and keep you moving toward your goal.

Well, what are you waiting for? This is the only life/body you have ... find your buddy so you can make it a healthy one.

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