Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Still pushing the Butter

That's right I'm still here & still trying to lose weight. If nothing else I'm consistant at trying huh. Halloween has come & gone & I'm no more worse fort he wear. I did have some of the kids candy but surprisingly enough this year I didn't feel guilty foreating any of it. I didn't feel the need to hide out in the bedroom with the door lock snecking little candy bars or other little goodies. I ate it all in the open. Believe it or not ... no one said a word to me about it.

I was going to weight in on Monday but TOM had other plans for me. He knows I will never weigh in when he is around to ruin my good spirits. It's ok though, I probably wouldn't hav eliked what I saw anyway. I have been sticking with my exercise program although I have fallen short most days on getting in my 10,000 my steps. I've been averaging anywhere from 5,000-7,000 a day. Not horrible but I do need to get back into my 10,000 steps before I can go to bed mode. I think what's been keeping me from getting all my steps is not walking in the morning or the evening with the hubby. I'm not going to blame it on him either. It's all on me. He will come home & ask me if I want to goforawalk & I will tell him I'm to tired to do it. I'm not really, I'm just being a lazy couch potato.

I've been trying different workouts the last couple of weeks. Last week was Masala Bhangra and Kim Kardashian step workout ... this week has been Chris Freytag's walking toning workout. Below is an example of one oft he workouts. I know it must be doing something cause when the workout is over my muscles are twitching like crazy. Talk about muscle fatigue ... it's good fatigue though! =)

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  1. I may try that workout. It looks tough but good. I need to walk more. I know it, but knowing it and doing it are two very different things!