Monday, December 17, 2007

MAgic Reindeer Food

Have little ones who would get a
Kick out of leaving reindeer food?
Here's a simple recipe!!

1/2 cup Dried Oatmeal
1/3 cup Glitter
1 Heartfull of Christmas Hope

In a bowl, Mix together the Oatmeal
And Glitter. Fold in Christmas Hope
Put into a seal top plastic bag or if you
Use a baggie, use ribbon to tie it shut.

Tell the kids:
On Christmas Eve, sprinkle Magic Reindeer
Food on your lawn before "Bedtime"
The Glitter will "Shine in the Moonlight"
And lead Dear Santa to your house before dawn.
The "Smell of Oats" will lead the
Reindeer to your Rooftop.
The "Christmas Hope" and "Magic Reindeer Food"
Guarantee Dear Santa will be there.

(If you have little ones that you think might
Want to sample this recipe for Magic Reindeer
Food simply substitute the Oatmeal with
Cherrios and substitute the Glitter
With Sugar for the Sparkle)


  1. What a great recipe !!!!!!!!! Thanks Emmi, Hugs Lisa

  2. I love this reciepe I don't like egg nog yuck and I wish I could learn to jump up and exercise first thing in the morning but uhm that is not happening ..
    have a good day