Saturday, December 1, 2007

Video of the Day

Yoga Booty Ballet Live: Cardio Cabaret, Burlesque Style!I love the "zen, in the moment, let's enjoy working out, enjoy your body" feel of Teigh McDonough & Gillian Marloth. This is about the same easy pace, easy to mimic as their Light & Easy & Latin workouts.
It's set like the picture with at least 6 other women & 1 in good shape guy <-- pretty cute to watch him shake his thang! all in their 20s or early 30s. Most of the women are in great shape or only a few extra pounds so that their excitement & enthusiasm is high & contagious. In the Easy or Latin workouts, the ones who were more then say 30 lbs overweight got tired & barely moved which put a damper on your own enthusiasm.
It starts with only a tiny second of kundalini yoga (much too short), then it's all mostly cabaret dance. There is a woman in the row behind between Teigh & Gillian who looks to have dance school experience & since she doesn't have to teach like them, she seems to get into it the most with a lot of grace & makes the moves look more hip then they are. The moves are very simplified, cutsy, silly, only a few moves that would be considered sexy.
I loved the end point of the small amount of ballet & end stretching. I hope they have workout with that emphasized.
This is great for beginners/those who are out of shape & low endurance or those who are looking for something light, easy & fun. Doing this will make you feel more positive & even want to workout more!
I hope Teigh & Gillian put out more of their Master series or more workout with ballet or balancing exercises.

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  1. Emmi, where do you find all those videos at ? Does Target sell them ??????? Hugs Lisa