Tuesday, December 4, 2007

TC Challenge & Video

Exercise Animations
Starting Position
Begin by standing with both your feet shoulder width apart and your upper body erect. There should be a slight bend in the knees.

Bring one leg behind your back and grab it with your arm on the same side, behind the buttocks. Hold for 12 seconds and switch legs. Repeat this stretch twice.

Special Instructions
Make sure that your knee is pointed directly into the ground and not out to the side.


Leslie Sansone - Walk Away the Pounds Express - Super ChallengeThe "Super Challenge" DVD is a great addition for in-home walkers. If you are a veteran of the Walk Away the Pounds workouts and you're looking for the next level of working out, this is your DVD.

Leslie uses steps that are easy to follow, this is not about aerobic dancing. The steps on this DVD are:
- Walking (of course!)
- Side Steps (single and double)
- Knee Lifts
- Kicks
- Kick backs (leg curls)
To add some variety to this workout, Leslie uses double side steps, double knee lifts, and even brings back the fabled 80's Grapevine.

The walkers on this DVD are sure to get you motivated. There are women in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, and even a man in his 70's. People of all ages and all levels of walking can use this DVD. If you're just getting started, only do the first mile.

The thing that I appreciated most about this DVD is that there are no exercise "extras" you need to buy to do it. There is no "stretchie", no weights, no belt, nothing but your own two feet (and sneakers). Not using extras makes this DVD accessible for everyone.

The music for this DVD is contemporary techno. There is even one song with a little Latin feel to it. The music continues to build in pace until you reach the third mile where you level off for the fourth mile. The pace at the end of the second mile into the beginning of the third mile gets very, very brisk. Hang in there for a great workout.

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  1. Hmmmmmm that DVD looks like a good one, Hugs Lisa