Thursday, September 10, 2009

Motivated MORE THAN EVER!!!

Tip: Remember that variety is the spice of life-and good for your body, too! To get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs, eat a variety of foods.

I don't know what clicked inside my brain but I'm so motivated to get this weight off that it isn't even funny. I feel just like I did when I lost all my weight before. I'm setting my alarm clock for 7 but my body is waking up at 6am saying get that workout in. So I am!!! I won't say I'm not super sore cause my whole body aches but I figure a little ache won't kill me & it's my fault for letting myself go anyway so I deserve the aches.

I started taking my vitamin B sup. at the first of the week & then 2 days ago started adding a fiber sup. to help me feel full longer. It's working! I haven't taken my multi vitamin since it made me so sick. I know deep down that I got sick cause I took it on an empty stomach but I'm tellin' ya ... I smell that pill & want to throw up.

Ok, so it feels like I switch up my diet every couple of weeks or so & I know I should stick with one but honestly I'm just trying to find something that works for me. What is working for me may not work for others. I'm a numbers cruncher so if I keep track of (weight watchers) points then I start obsessing over it ... I end up getting stressed out over it & quit. I've tried Atkins which caused me to obsess over the net carbs. I ended up not eating my allotted 20 net carbs a day cause I feared going over that number. I've tried the Wendie plan but it's a lot like the WW plan ... numbers... So I'm back to Slim Fast! They have a site online that's completely free to use. You can log in your water, food, cardio ... it does all the nutrition for you so no numbers for me. It keeps track of my cardio & how much I have burned ... it even prompts me to do strength workouts. Of course I don't need the animation to show me how to do it but it's great for those just starting out. I weigh in once a week ... they track it for me ... they graph my progress and if I want to know how much I can reasonably expect to lose by a certain date it tells me that too.

I was on Slim Fast about 3-5 years ago & I stopped using it even though I was losing weight. It seemed so different back then, maybe it was just me, who knows. Seems like it was just powder to make shakes with & then eating a sensible dinner and fruit in between meals. I know I was down to 180 while on the program cause believe it or not ... I found my old account. How terrible I felt seeing I'm 25 heavier. Guess it could be worse though right? Anyway, on Slim Fast program here is what my typical day looks like. The calorie count seems to be coming in right about 1200 a day.

B= meal bar
S= cup grapes
L= shake, half ham cheese sandwich with lettuce & mustard,1 cup cantaloupe
S= cauliflower with dressing, apple
D= baked lemon chicken, 1 cup steamed broccoli, 1 small baked potato
S= 2 cups mixed fruit bowl (strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, and grapes)

Cardio today was a 40 min. power walk this morning, 40 min Pilate's this afternoon, and a 20 min high intensity dance routine. I've already downed my 8 cups of water for the day plus some so all is well on my end. How's your diet going?

Steps: 11589/10000

<--- BIZNATCH (145 LBS.)

In other news ... actually just more motivation. I got a call from a friend tonight. We are always battling our weight and the biotch always seems to weigh less than me but I'm always so darn nice about the whole thing. Anyway, she calls me tonight gloating how she's lost 30 pounds so I congratulate her on a job well done. Biznatch says yeah I'm skinnier and hotter than you now. WTF was up with that? Didn't I just congratulate her? Why did she have to go and say chit like that? I tell ya what that was a bigger kick in the pants to finally get this weight off. Next time that BIZNATCH sees me her ars is gonna be bigger than mine. I'm not worried about her looks cause I think I'm prettier then her so called 28 year old ars. he he he The girl is 32 & still telling people she is 28. Girl looks older than I do & I'll be 37 on the 25th of this month.

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  1. Emmi, you are doing great with the weight loss, I have'nt forgotten you have a birthday soon, Love Lisa