Monday, September 7, 2009

Weight Loss Train

This week should be very slow which means I have all the tme in the world to concentrate on my diet & workout plan. I'm hoping to lose a good 5 pounds by the time my birthday gets here which in on the 25th of this month. I also have a 20 pound goal that I want to reach by Thanksgiving. I will be seeing friends from high school & don't want to be this heavy. Wish me luck!

I'm still having a lot of problems losing weight. I should have lost a lot of weight ... a lot for me being 2-3 pounds. It's not happening. I'm only losing a ounce here or there. Anyway, I dropped into GNC yesterday for something to pump up my metabolism & the lady suggested I get back into taking a multi vitamin, a B-12 complex, and replace 2 meals a day with aprotein shake. So that's what I'm doing this week & I'm hoping by Friday I will see some sort of weight loss. If I don't then it's back to the doc cause there must be something wrong with my body why I just can't lose much of anything. I'm so jealous of you ladies who can lose 5+ pounds a week simply by eating right.

I'm getting back into my yoga/pilates program too. I noticed that when I do yoga/pilates a few times a week that I may not see a loss on the scale I would feel my clothing getting loser so I will be happy with that.

Did you know that for me to be in a healthy weight range (BMI)I have to be lower then I used to be? When I was teaching aerobics a healthy weight range ... at the top end of the chart was 154. Well, I made it to 150 and felt very comfortable there. Now the charts say I should be at 149 ... top of scale to have a healthy BMI. I thought the older you got the heavier you could be because the older you get the heavier your bones are. Oh well ... guess my new goal is lower then it once was. Instead of 149 I'm going for 145. No reason to hang on the border of being considered over weight.

B: shake
S: 10 baby carrots
L: shake, 1 slice wheat bead, slice cheese, 1 slice deli ham, 1 tsp mustard, 1 c canteloupe
S: 1 c pineapple
D: 2 c chili
S: slice roast beef, string cheese

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