Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Super Excited

205.8 is my morning weigh in. Last weigh in was 211. I haven't weighed in for a couple of weeks & really didn't think I had lost anything so this was a much needed shock. Now I really wanna keep moving my jelly bum.

This morning at 6am I got up & did a 45 min pilates sculpt video. OUCH ... my inner thighs feel like there on fire. Won't be long till hubby will be up & I will be out the door for my morning walk.

I'll come back when I have decided what my food will be for the day. Probably a couple of protien shakes and a whole lot of fresh fruit & raw veggies. I want this weight off ASAP!!! I was thinking I would only be about 4 pounds lighter by the time my birthday got here but now I know I have a great c hance of making it to 200 or less by then. I still have 16 days to lose! =D

b: 1 c grapes, shake
s: 1 c grapes, slice canteloupe, 3 strawberries
l: protien bar, 1 c milk
s: 10 carrots
d: ?
s: 1 cup grapes, apple


  1. Congrats on the weight loss. I've been having such a hard time sticking to my diet the past few weeks.

  2. I went back to Slim Fast cause I can take it with me when I leave the house plus I can pretty much munch on fruits & veggies all day long t o help me stay full.