Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A weak moment ...

OMG, for future reference; never take vitamins on an empty stomach.

I got up this morning feeling fabulous. I popped in my yoga booty ballet dvd in at 6:30. I was determinned to start out my morning on a positive note. When my routine was over I woke up the hubby so we could head out for our morning walk. 1.5miles ...feeling great. Come in and pop a multi vitamin, a B-12 vitamin, and another one for my stiff joints ... within minutes I start feeling a little strange which moved in to feeling light headed & queezy. I laid down for a bit to feel better but I only felt worse so I got up. Within a minute I was running to the bathroom and leaving part of my stomach in the toilet. I feel so weak right now but I did stick to my planned breakfast. =)

b: shake
s: baby carrots
b: shake, bread, ham, cheese, mustard,canteloupe
s: pineapple
d: turkey burger, steamed squash, canteloupe
s: roast beef, string cheese

cardio: 1.5 mile walk, 60 min yoga

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