Wednesday, September 19, 2007

10 Q & A

I got this from Lisa's journal.

1) What physical thing about you would you change ? 
My roadmapped belly!

 Question 2) Out of these emotions what percent would you rate yourself as it pertains to your everyday life equal to a 100 %

Happy 80%
Sad 10%

Angry 5 %
Depressed 5 %

Question 3) What is the worst pickup line a guy has ever used on you?

 Wow ... that's a nice ass ... I'd love to see it without those pants. I laughed at him & walked away!

Question 4) What 5 movies could you watch over and over?

1) Sweet Home Alabama
2) Dirty Dancing
3) Braveheart

4) The Lakehouse

5) The Wedding Date

Question 5) What best describes who you are?

1) mother hen
2) great listener
3) motivator
4) somewhat shy

Question 6 ) In a movie who would you want to play you?

Sandra Bullock or Ashley Judd. I just love everything these 2 women play in. I also love their outlook on life outside of the studios.

Question 7) How important is it for you to be liked by others ?

I hope I'm liked by others but if I'm not, I'm ok with it. As long as I have my husband & children I won't go crazy. I've been known to stop being friends with someone who lives their life poorly because I fear they will take me down with them.

Question 8) If you saw your best friend's girlfriend with another guy and they were kissing would you tell your best friend what you had seen ?

Maybe ... sometimes it's best to let the person get caught. Why make waves?

Question 9) What 2 musical artists are your favorites ?

Toby Keith & Maroon5

Question 10 ) If you had one wish, anything you like what would you wish for.

hmmm, I'm not gonna say world peace cause I don't think that's attainible. There has to be bad for their to be good. It's all about balance! So, I wish I was born with a smokin hot body. One that I didn't have to work at maintaining. I know ... really important stuff there huh?!


  1. Emmi, I enjoyed reading your answers, I'll have to rent those movies you chose, Hugs Lisa

  2. Interesting Info! Don't mind if i steal it for my page as well!... :)

  3. ok I have to share this with you and all your readers the best line every used on me is
    " I am speechless , I can't think of one intelligant thing to say to you except something so ignorant you would slap my face and I will never get this oppurtinity again."
    Yes I married him you have to love a man that goes stupid over you lol
    20 years and counting