Monday, September 10, 2007

Fast food, the scale, new me

Yoga Booty Ballet Complete Workout System I got a new workout system & I SOOOOOOOOOO love it. It's called Yoga Booty Ballet. I have one of their videos called Goddess booty which is an amazing toning video but I have always wanted the cardio to go with it. The only problem was I could never find it onling for less than $40 & then of course the dreaded shipping & handling then they also try to get you to buy supplements to go with it & all the crap. Well, my b-day is coming up really fast. The 25th of this month & Jim was asking me for birthday ideas. I said I need clothes cause all I really have that fits me this year is shorts & tank tops. He said he would take the kids & I could go shopping for clothes. Well, as usual I couldn't find anything that I really liked. I'm either to old & can't hand with all the new styles these girls or wearing or the new style is really hidious! My daughter says it's just hideous & the reason she hates picking out clothes. =D I did end up getting me a nice cotton warm up suit, a sweater ... one of the few plain ones I could find, & of course I needed pants cause currently my 12's & 14's from last year don't fit.

My greatest find? The Yoga Booty Ballet system that is "NOT" in stores. It was $40 but it's 5 workout videos!!! a meditation video which I'm not really into. I have a really hard time concentrating on one thing for a long amount of time, 2 - hour long cardio & it's got some really funky moves to it. Another one is a toning video that is Hatha yoga & weight training for 45 minutes, the one I did this morning is an hour long with a 5 min. warm up, 30 min med. cardio dance, 20 min. hatha yoga, & a 5 min cool down stretch. I was a very good workout. I'm looking forward to popping the others in and having a blast widling away these massive inches.

D-I-E-T group has a new challenge starting today & I'm so ready to get into it. This morning I was 197.5. Not where I would like to be but lower then I thought I would be after a weekend of take out & not really any kind of cardio.


  1. I know what you mean about the clothes and the styles.  I too have to find new clothes, but thank God I don't have to go up in sizes.  I am still the same.  so don't stress yourself over the weight and you know stress will cause weight gain or you not to lose weight.  It will get better in time.  I am going to start some type of video this week.  I am looking to get a new one and next month I will be joining the recreation center hopefully.  Rena'

  2. the yoga booty ballet sounds like fun! Maybe it is something I will look into for myself. I just wish i could concentrate on actually doing it. It's hard to do workout videos when your mind is everywhere but maybe it would be helpful. Hope you have a great day!

  3. Emmi, that video set looks awesome, have a good day, Hugs Lisa

  4. Water and Exercise are NOT your problem....FOOD is.  If you just can get that under control, you will be slammin!!!! lol Come on girl.  It's *bootcamp* time in *diet* world.  You will do this. No excuses better come out of your mouth as to why you didn't eat well....Good Luck