Monday, September 24, 2007

I was MIA

I have no real excuse for not logging in. I have been a little busy but not busy enough to have an excuse for not updating this thing.

The weekend wasn't to bad on my diet. Took my dad out for breakfast at a local eatery ... I chose scrambled eggs with ham & onion in it. Sooooo yummy. I wasn't able to eat it all cause it's a really big plate. Says it has 3 eggs scrambled but I swear there must be at least 5 in it. Durning breakfast my mom called to wish my dad a happy birthday. When she heard he was with me she asked to talk to me. Wanted to make for sure I got the card she mailed (still in shock over that one) and wanted to wish me happy birthday early cause as she put it " I'll probably be to busy or forget to call on your birthday" Gee thanks ma. Actually it was expected ... I had a pithy comment ready for her ... it doesn't matter, I will probably be to busy to answer the phone anyway! =D Take that & stick it up your butt. he he he  I guess you can tell there is no love loss there.

Anyway, after breakfast we (kids, DH, & I) went on a trial walk. 2.4 miles ... it was really nice, sort of slow but oh so enjoyable. I have pics of the day in What Chaps my Ass if you want to see them.

Lunch was O'Charly's. OMG ... I forgot how expensive that place was but it was nice & I did pretty good when I ordered. I did have 2 yeast rolls but I only ordered a ceasar salad with grilled chicken .... and guess what? Dressing on the side. Yeah me!

On top of the walk I also poped in my Biggest Loser video & did the boot camp workout. Ouch ... my shoulders were on fire & sadly ... I couldn't do all the shoulder moves cause it was too painful. This morning ... I'm sore all over. My chest is killing me from the push-ups & OMG  ... don't even want to talk about my bum.

This morning was a 1 mile walk & a weigh in. I'm down a bit but not where I want to be. I guess ant steps are better than elephant steps backwards huh? So now I'm 194.6 or .4 ... heck I don't know. My memory sucks on things like that. I take a pic & forget the rest.

Well, that's all for me tonight. Off to do some cleaning cause I ain't doing chit tomorrow but enjoy my birthday! Have a fabulous night. Hugs .... Emmi

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  1. happy early birthday girl friend I hope it is as fabulious as you are

  2. Emmi, that picture of you and Jim is great !!!!!!!!!! Hope you frame that one , Happy Birthday !!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

  3. Emmi you are doing a great job keep up the good work.
    Happy Late Birthday!

  4. Hope you have a great birthday. Must have been everybody's time to go to O'Charley's my best friend and her husband went yesterday and she said the same thing really expensive she remember quickly why they don't go often.
    Take care, Chrissie

  5. Happy Birthday.


  7. Happy Birthday! Hope its a great one!