Friday, January 16, 2009

Another one bites the Dust

Another pound that is. Weigh was today & I'm happy to tell you I'm now 204.6. That's down 6 oz since last Friday. I wish the weight could melt off of me as quick as it does others but it never has & I'm guessing never will. It's ok though! As slow as it comes off ... I can also take pleasure it knowing it comes back on almost as slowly. I'm keeping up with my cardio & am still indulging in my fruits & veggies like there will be no more tomorrow. I'm sure there may come a time where I balk at the sight of the fruit ... it always happens this way, but I'm hoping it becomes more of a habit that I continue to enjoy the wonderful taste.

As I peer out my window the day looks lovely but knowing that the wind chimes are chiming constantly makes me fully aware that the chill in the air would probably cut me to the bone. The fire place is all ablaze as I try to knock the chill from the air ... I'm now almost completely sure that the cold front has reared it's ugly head as it's nearly impossible to keep this drafty house warm. Global warming my pa toot! It hasn't been this chilly in years. We're not hitting record lows but it a good 10 degrees cooler then the 5 years I have lived here. It always amazes me how I can wear shorts one day and the next be bundled up tightly in a snow coat begging for warmth. Doesn't make sense to me. I moved to the south for the sun, the warmth of it ... I hate to be cold!

Today it like all the rest ... I'm paying bills, doing daily household chores, teaching the kids ... and making for sure I stay on the straight & narrow. My end of the month goal almost impossible to reach. I'll have to lose 2 pounds per week to reach the goal. I had thought I would be able to make it when I set the goal. I usually lose 3-5 pounds the first week that I'm back on plan but I suppose the older I get the less my body wants to play this game. My first week I only lost 2 lousy ounces. I'm still keeping the faith that if I bump up my activity just a bit more & eat a little more fruit that I can actually lose 2 pounds per week to reach my goal. I truly want to make it to ONDERLAND by February first. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


  1. Awwww I know you can do it Emmi, I'm so proud of you !!!!, Did you see CSI last night, OMG, wow , what an ending !!!!!!, Hugs Lisa

  2. A pound here and there adds up eventually! You go girlfriend!!

    I need to write out some bills over the weekend.

    Enjoy yourself.