Sunday, January 4, 2009

Working my Points

Clicking on the picture will bring it up to a readable version. I don't know why Blogger makes these type of photos so darn hard to see on here.

I'm using the Flex points system with weight watchers cause right now I just don't feel I have the capacity to stick with core foods to lose this weight. I have a bunch of will power ... just not enough yet to stay away from all the things I love the most.
I do have to say that I jumped a major obstacle today. Sunday is when I make up my shopping list for the week that follows ... WW said I could have milky war bars 2 nights in a row plus a couple Hersey kisses with a meal on another day. Now I know me & chocolate ... I took it off my meal plan & didn't buy it. I was highly impressed with myself. I also know that TOM is coming in for a visit any day now & I just don't need that kind of temptation dangling in front of me.
I didn't work out yesterday but I fully intend to work out this afternoon. With church & shopping out of the way I can concentrate on the me part. I'm thinking Jillian is calling my name so that's gonna be a kick ars workout! I'm hoping for a good weigh in tomorrow. It's not a required weigh in or anything like that but I have to weigh in on Friday's with WW and for me personally I find since I have tendencies to eat poorly on the weekend if I know I have a weigh in on Monday morning I won't eat as bad because I do NOT want to see a huge increase.
I bought a new product while shopping today. Hubby has been telling me about it for a good year now but the though of paying $3.50 for nut butter just didn't do it for me. Well, I say it sitting on the shelf today & said well I am trying to get healthier right? So I bought it ... NUTELLA spread. It's supposed to be a better choice for peanut butter. By the time we got home I was starving ... I ate before we left but I guess it just didn't hold me over. So I grab a banana and a bit of Nutella ... OMG ... OMG ... this chit is so darned good I had to put the lid on it so I wouldn't over indulge. I made one critical error though ... I didn't check to see how many points the 2 tbsp serving had. "5" darned points! I was shocked! I now know I can have it every once in a while as a treat but not on a daily basis.
Ok, so that's all for me today. Just wanted to check in to keep myself accountable to myself & to all of you. I find I'm less likely to go over board if I know I have to come here & confess. Thanks ladies!


  1. I am a big fan of peanut butter. That is one of my downfalls. I have never tried Nutella. I went to the mall today and walked for awhile. It is a beginning. I haven't made a journal entry in about 9 days so I need to start making myself accountable also and check in. Have a great evening.

  2. Emmi, Congrats on the workout, I've seen Nutella at my store, but never had it, glad it's good, Hugs Lisa