Monday, January 12, 2009

Still on Course

I'm standing steady with my food & activity plan. I was very proud of myself yesterday. I went to see the movie our church put on for the community ... "Fireproof". It was a wonderful movie for any who are interested. I walked away feeling so lucky to be married to my husband. Anyway, as I was saying & so easily feel off track ... I was offered soda & popcorn. I decided to go with the bottled water that sat off to the side. I did grab a bag of popcorn but after opening it up and seeing all the butter & salt, I took one small handfull, wrapped up the bag and set it on the floor. So I did so good ... I was really proud that I didn't munch down a whole bag of popcorn. Even during the 10 minute intermission I didn't go back for a snack. Yeah me! Big accomplishment.

Last night I had a moment of weakness ... my body (mostly TOM) was screaming for chocolate. I knew I had M&M's in the freezer but hubby was right there reminding me of my 1.6 pounds that I lost & how I didn't want to unravel a week of hard work. I didn't want to but darn it ... my body was screaming very loudly for chocolate. Instead of the M&M's ... I went for 3 WW chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk. It was a total of 5 points but it's much better than the 20+ points I would have taken in had I gone for the M&M's. Another thing I can say I conquered over the weekend.

I didn't work out on Friday or Sunday but it's ok ... my body was feeling weak so I figured it needed a small break. I did work it pretty good last week & the scale did reflect that. Not to let myself down or get out of the habit I woke before 7 this morning to get in 20 minutes of pilates then a 15 minute walk. It felt great to get up & get the workout out of the way. Hubby e-mailed me asking if I wanted to go for an afternoon walk when he got home ... I shocked myself by saying sure instead of my usual "I've already worked out"!

Nothing much else for today ... just busying myself with reading & a few household chores until hubby makes it home from work. Have a great on plan day!

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