Tuesday, January 6, 2009

OMG ... I'm starving

I don't know why but I have been so darned hungry all day long. Of course TOM is at least 2 weeks late. Nope not preggers, just don't have a regular system. It's sad that my 11 year old daughter is more regular then I am.
Anyway, instead of going for all the wrong foods I'm just picking a lot of high fiber foods today. Hoping it will hold me over than regular foods. I'm also drinking my water today. Anything to help me feel full.

I exercised again today ... it's becoming a habit for me again. At least I can say it's a good habit, right?! I did 10 minutes with Jillian Michael's ... jogging in place for 4 minutes then squats/upright rows for a couple of minutes and monkey bars ... I always hated doing it as a kid but it's fun the Jillian way. he he he I was sweating like a pig so I switched over the the regular Wii Fit game. I did a total of 35 minutes. It was a mixture of step, balance, and a few abdominal moves. I need to really focus on this gut of mine. It's toooo big!

Sherry left a comment in my last entry about Chinese recipes. I don't have recipes per say ... we just heat the wok up with seasame seed oil, saute' broccoli and mixed veggies then throw in small chunks of steak. When it's almost done we add low sodium soy sauce. Put it over a serving of rice & that's it. Sometimes we do the pasta but since it has a lot of carbs I'm trying to stay clear of it for now. All items are now being measured out one serving per each person because if we have extra's then we will all over indulge and since I'm trying to get my family healthy at the same time ... well, it's just easier this way!

parkay Pictures, Images and Photos I have a wonderful find to share with all of you. I love butter & the thought of having to give it up was killing me. We went shopping Sunday & something caught my eye as I walked past the butter isle ... fat free parkay spray. OMG, I scooped it up brought it home, typed in the calories, fat, & fiber to discover it's "ZERO" ww points!!!!! Yeah, I can have butter again. So I had butter on my pancakes this morning then again o my baked potato. My baked potato was my new recipe for the week. Yes, I've had baked potatoes before but never without some type of meat on it. This time I shredded spinach over it. WOW ... it was really good. Even the kids were eating it like crazy. Gotta love a meal that's kid approved! =)


  1. Thanks for letting me know about the Parkay. I also love butter and I have been using Molly McButter but I don't like it on my whole grain bread. It is ok to sprinkle on vegetables but I think I would like the spray better. I am doing a lot of high fiber foods also. I made another batch of black eyed peas tonight. They are so yummy. Have a good evening.

  2. Emmi, I always enjoy hearing from you, wow Fat Free Parkay, cool, will look for that next time, Hugs Lisa

  3. sounds delicious girl I am hungry today too I am just waiting for breakfast time , which is odd I never eat breakfast .