Friday, January 23, 2009

Tis a good day

Yup, it's Friday ... weigh in day. Since the title says it's a good day you must know that I lost some weight. I did! Not as much as would have liked but more then I thought I would. Today's weigh in is 203.8 ... that's down from 204.6. Almost a pound ... I can live with that.

I got up bright & early this morning to get my workout in. I did a 45 minute walk. It felt so good to get moving. I still have tons of energy so I'll probably do a second workout like I did yesterday. I'm trying to bump up my cardio everyday so I'll have a better chance at seeing the scale drop quicker. As you know I was hoping to see it drop a pound a week but the scale Gods just don't want to work with me. I think their having more fun laughing at me being frustrated. Oh well. At least I can say I'm losing something so my efforts aren't for nothing. Right?

Nothing major going on around here today or even this weekend. I think we're taking the kids to see Ink Heart tonight & then bowling tomorrow. Nothing is ever set in stone around here cause what we may be interested in doing one minute we don't feel like doing the next. We're very spontaneous people. Of course this can be a good or bad thing depending on who you are and if we've made plans with you or not. =P Yes, I'll admit it, I've canceled a lot of plans that I've had with friends just because I didn't feel like doing what was planned out. I've gotten better at just telling people we'll see how I feel. I hate letting people down.

Anyway, hubby wanted to play the lottery ... I hate doing it because to me it's just a big ole waste of time & money. Time because we have to drive about 45 minutes to get to Florida then money for gas & of course he never gets less than $10 worth of numbers. We've been playing for about 5 years & we have only won money twice. The first time we won about $78 and then the last time was I think $8 ... see not worth the time. Hubby wants to play cause he wants to take me to all the places I have dreamed of going. Ireland & Germany being at the top of the list. So Wed. when he got home from work we headed for Florida ... no, we didn't win a darned dime. He was so sure we were going to win ... could feel it in his bones. I swear, the man tells me this same thing every single time he buys tickets. You think he would learn. Guess it's a guy thing.

Oh, I joined FaceBook yesterday. I kept getting invites to join ... got tired of being asked so I went for it. OMG, I don't know why I waited so long. I'm connecting with old friends from high school. It's funny to learn how much we have all changed yet to know we're pretty much still the same. I guess that's how life goes though.

Guess I should get back to the kids. Son is having one heck of a time with school this morning. Math ... percentages. He's usually amazing at math but for some reason his brain doesn't want to work with percentages today. Have a great weekend.


  1. Emmi, you are doing great with the working out, keep up the good work, I knew you'd love Facebook, soon you'll be a Facebook addict like me, lol. Hugs Lisa

  2. I just joined Facebook too and I can't believe I waited so long. My family is happy. I always wanted to go to Ireland since I am half Irish. That would be great but first I have to play the lottery to win. LOL I also lost almost a pound this week. I haven't started exercising yet but I know once I do I might be able to loss a little more. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Congrats on the weightloss, Em!

  4. woo hoo great job Emmi I am proud of you and I agree with you about the lottery it is a waste of time and money but my hubby is the same way .. it is a man thing lol

  5. Congrats on the loss! Keep up the good work!