Monday, January 5, 2009

Checking in

Still working my WW plan ... feeling pretty good about the foods that have been chosen for me but I have to tell ya ... hubby isn't to happy about all the ruffage that I'm taking in. he he he it's making me very gassy. =D I just sit back, laugh, and say pay backs a biotch! he he he
You'll see a lot of different things on my activity section. I did the WiiFit today & made for sure I kept track of all the things I did. I think I'll just use the low impact aerobics for everything except the yoga from here on out. I get lower activity points for it but I'd rather under estimate then over estimate.
Oh ... one last thing ... as some of you know I like to weigh in on Mondays so I do better with my food choices over the weekend. Well, good news ... I ended up losing 2 oz (206.6 now) over the weekend & that's with me not exercising on Saturday. It feels good to see the number come down on the scale but it's gonna feel like heaven to be in Onderland again.
Off to help hubby make dinner. We're opting out of Chinese take out & just making it ourselves. Healthier for us but not depriving ourselves of a meal that we love.

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  1. Hey girl I wanted to say thanks for stopping by and I would love some of those chinese reciepes if you get the time ..