Monday, August 27, 2007

I totally suck ...

big nasty rotten eggs.

Yep, you guess it. Today was weigh in day & the scale was back to being his usual hateful self. 197.2 this morning. Yea for me ... NOT!!! It is my fault, I haven't been eating as many fruits & veggies as I did that first week. I get burned out on the same foods day in & day out rather quickly. There's only so many ways you can eat an apple or a banana ... there are only so many ways to eat a salad when your eating it 2 times a day everyday.

Anyway, I did exercise 6/7 days last week, got 10 cups of water in all but one day & although as usual I screwed up over the weekend with my food I didn't do bad the rest of the week. I had a bowl of ice cream the last 3 nights ... DH bough chocolate yesterday & yup ... I had 3-4 handfulls of chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate clusters ... I think that's the only thing bad I grabbed for. DH made a pot roast with potatoes, onions & carrots for dinner. He made biscuits to gowith it & I had 2 so that wasn't that great either.

We did go to the nature trail ... we set out to do the 2.3 mile but it quickly became apparent that our son is in worse shape then I am. Less than a mile into the walk he starts complaining his knees were hurting him. At first I was like yeah whatever get your butt moving. No way can I be healthier than you ... I think I am far more conditioned then he is. We took the 2 mile trail instead ... he was blood red faced ... limping ... I still thought yeah ok, way to play it off. For the rest of the night & this morning he has been limping around & taking baby asprin for his knees. I laid it out straight ... every weekend we are walking that track, every day here at home he is either riding his bike outdoors, my bike inside, the treadmill, walk video, or outside walk. No way should an 11 year old boy not be able to walk a 2 mile walk without his knees feeling like their going to be giving out. He just had a physical at the beginning of the summer so I know he is basically healthy. Doc said he needed to lose a little weight ... but he's a child so a diet is a BIG no-no. What else is there but movement?


  1. We may not want to call it a diet for them, but basically it is.  Less food  than normal, better food than normal, and exercise.  But I hear ya, I'm right there with ya.  When I got off the scale this morning, I made Ashley get on just to see if it was stuck on the same numbers.  Her weight is out of control too.  This family needs to all change.  Cody's weight is climbing cuz of the Prednizone he takes every day.  I just have to get my butt in gear and make sure everyone starts eating better and exercising.  But it is so hard!!!!  Hard for me just to get myself to do it, let alone 3 other people!!!


  2. Emmi, Awwww you do'nt suck, not at all, I have fallen off the eating wagon a little myself last week, Hugs Lisa