Monday, August 27, 2007

Video of the Day

Crunch - Cardio Salsa

You can find this product online for $10 or less. Just search crunch cardio salsa.

This workout is Spicy hot and energetic, well-designed, fun-filled Crunch Cardio Salsa workout keeps you burning body fat as you dance, wave your arms, and swing your hips to live drums with a Latin flair. Salsa, meringue, samba, and cha cha steps highlight these high-energy aerobic dance patterns, taught one step at a time, then building gradually into combinations, my favorite way to learn! The footwork is fast-moving but not difficult to learn, thanks to the (almost to perky) instructor Giselle Roque de Escobar. She performs the workout accompanied by 6 bare-bellied women and one man, and an exuberant and skillful drummer. Everyone is fit, young, lean, and enthusiastic. Yes, I dream about having their bodies ... The workout heats up quickly and burns for 35-40 minutes. I don't like to count the cool down but some people do. Recommended for aerobic dance fans who want to spice up their workouts with a Latin flavor.

What the Box says;
Burn Fat With Sizzling Latin Dance Moves! Welcome to CRUNCH Fitness! You dont need to travel south of the border for a hot, hot workout! This low impact fiesta is packed with fat blasting choreography, sizzling with a spicy Latin dance flavor that turns up the body heat to ""caliente."" Even if youre not a dancer, Giselle will break down these easy-to-follow dance steps so you can follow along. Put some Latin attitude into your hip sway and get loose. Weve added live drums for extra fun. Youll burn the fat as you burn up the dance floor, feeling the beat of the merengue, mambo, cha cha, samba and more. Say ""Adios"" to boring workouts!! All Fitness Levels. No equipment necessary. The CRUNCH Philosophy: The CRUNCH fitness program welcomes people from all walks of life regardless of shape, size or ability. We created a workout environment that is not competitive or judgmental. Enjoy these favorite classes with imaginative instructors in an atmosphere that makes working out fun. Meet the instructor: Giselle Roque de Escobar, instructor at CRUNCH Miami. Certified fitness professional teaching for over 18 years, as well as personal trainer. Fitness philosophy: Never underestimate what your body can do; strive for new limits. Favorite splurge food: Peanut M & Ms. description

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