Friday, August 17, 2007

Video of the day

Pure Sweat Bellydance Fitness for Weight Loss with Rania Yea, I know ... I'm dancing again. I can't seem to help myself. I have so much fun dancing that the time seems to just fly by without me realizing that I have really worked out at all. I love the fact that my hillbilly ars can go without shoes for this workout. Although shoes are not required don't think that you won't get an amazing workout cause you will. It's called PURE SWEAT for a good reason.


Cost: I found this baby at Walmart like most of my videos. It was right around $13. You can find it on Amazon for about $14 brand new or purchase a used copy.

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Rating: I love the music & I love the feature to mute the instructors voice. After I do a video a couple times I no longer need instruction on what's coming so to get into the music is better for me. This video is pretty cool in the fact that the ladies get all dolled up & perform a Belly Dancing routine for you to watch. The only 2 things that I don't like about this video is that she takes you through the steps very slowly many times then at full speed. This is a true beginner workout ... move wise, advanced can really push it for a great workout. The second reason this is not my favorite video ... it isn't long enough. It's barely 25 minutes. I feel like just when I'm getting into the workout she is cooling me down. I usually have to go for another short workout to feel like I have done a good workout. Today was no different ... I added a 1 mile walk to it.

Don't really know what belly dancing is? I found this video on photobucket & thought I would share. It's not one of the better ones out there but it was longer so you could get a good idea of what the moves look like. It's a great waist trimmer & I need all the help I can get in that department.

Question: Is Belly Dancing good for weight loss?


Yes, belly-dancing and other types of dance can be good exercises for weight loss. Dancing in general can burn as many calories as can walking, swimming or riding a bike.

As with any physical activity, the weight-loss benefits of dancing depend on several factors, including the frequency and length of your workouts and your exertion level. Bottom line: The more you move, the more calories you burn.

Keep in mind, some belly-dancing classes give you a more vigorous workout than others. If weight loss is a priority, choose a belly-dancing teacher who keeps you moving continuously during the class. You'll get the most benefit from classes that involve traveling steps.

Other benefits of dancing include:

  • Cardiovascular conditioning. Experts recommend 30 to 60 minutes of continuous activity on most days of the week. Dancing may not provide all the conditioning you need, but it can help.
  • Strong bones. Dancing that involves traveling steps is a weight-bearing activity that can help prevent or slow bone loss (osteoporosis).

The most important factor when starting an exercise program is to choose activities that you enjoy and that easily fit into your lifestyle. The calories you burn while dancing will definitely help you control your weight and maintain your fitness.


  1. Emmi, looks like a good one, Hugs Lisa

  2. yay! love to have you as a friend.... it's so funny, that I get your comment today, and I clicked your link to look at your page and I myself actually just bought about the exact video.. and I LOVE it!!! bellydancing is so much fun!... I look forward to keeping up with your journal!

  3. I love the video girl it was lovely , I need to get my grove on so I can have a stomach like that .