Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kick A** Cardio

I had this entry all typed out yesterday … actually posted it to but something happened in cyber space … the aliens must have ate it before it got posted. Darn it anyway! I started to redo the entry & what do ya know … a storm blows in & not only knocks me off line right when I’m about to post it again but we lose our power. I’m done for the night.

Anyway, this morning I have it all planned out to post the entry again … ha ha ha … power goes out for almost an hour. No storms in site, beautiful sunny morning. So, now the power is restored & I’m using my head this time … I’m typing this entry up in Microsoft Word. If the power goes out again at least this will save as a temp file. At least it’s supposed to.

 Ok, so yesterday I was on a roll with my cardio … still have to tweak my portion control. I do fine all day long but when the night comes I want to snack on twizlers. Not a lot of fat but it is added calories that I just don’t need.  Anyway, back to my cardio … I pretended I had EVIL (Christina) on my heels the whole time. I started off on my treadmill, did a mile in 15 minutes. Not the greatest time but at least I’m up & moving. After that mile was over I hopped on my stationary bike for 15 minutes … I made it 6 miles & burned tons of calories. I made for sure I used the hand bars so I was sure to get in extra movement. I took my hands off for a couple of seconds but I had EVIL in my head saying you can’t burn as many calories that way. He he he!  Thanks Christina for getting into my head. I wasn’t done, I headed for my stepper … I love this little machine … I did a mile on this little baby to … then I went over to my trampoline … this baby is my favorite piece of equipment … I’m already getting better at it to. The key for me? Wearing shoes!!! It shows on the box that the girl is going without & I know on the bigger ones you should go bare feet but bare feet  doesn’t work for me … shoes do! Of course I only did 10 minutes on the thing but let me tell you … this was a kick ass workout for it only being 10 minutes.

Using spark people calculations I only burned 592 calories … using my equipment calculation I actually burned 620. I don’t know which to use … I guess either one is a lot of calories to burn. I worked so hard that I really thought I was gonna puke on myself. I probably would have if I had a weak stomach. Even when I’m majorly sick I can barely puke. =P



Treadmill - 15 min/mile




Cycling 16-19 mph (bicycling, biking, bike riding)




Stair Step Machine








Don’t know what’s on the agenda for today but I know it’s gonna have to be high calorie burning again today if I ever want to see the number on the scale drop. The scale did drop slightly from Friday’s weigh in but not like I had hoped. It looks like all the swelling is gone from my legs & my hands have even gone down cause I can wear my wedding band again. Oh well, just gonna keep plugging away at the cardio so I can see some results come Friday.


  1. I am a night grazer too girl I know you can do it and with evil on your heals you really don't have a choice lol have a great day and I will checkin on you latter

  2. OMG... am i really in bama??? LMAO  love it girl.  So glad me screaming at you is getting you motivated.  Who cares what the scale says.  I know we do, but I NEVER gave up even when I lost the same 3 lbs for over 5 weeks.  Eventually it will go down.  You are doing so great and I want everyone to feel better about themselves.  Keep it up!!!

  3. Good for you! I love the trampoline too! It's so much fun! Glad your sun burn and swelling has gone down!