Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Video

The Biggest Loser Workout: Cardio Max I thought I was in semi good shape until I popped this DVD in. This is a crazy hard workout that will workout every fiber in your body.

Bob starts with Level 1 and gives you 20 minutes of heart pounding, lunge screaming and weight lifting Level 1?? My knees are killing me but OMG was it ever a great workout.

Jillian is next and she doesn't fail at delivering a 10 minute, high intensity level 2 cardio workout.  I've got a few of her other workout DVD's and this 10 minutes with her, is just as bad (good) as a few of the 20 minute DVD's I've got with her.

Bringing up the rear is Kim...and this one is a let down. For a level 3 cardio workout, she barely breaks even with Bob's Level 1. Now, if you do all 3 in a row like I do, then it does get a little tiring at the end with her, but if you just pop in her section for 10 minutes, I don't think you'd be pushing yourself very hard. In my own opinion, the workout difficulty would have gone Kim, Jillian and then those jumping lunges and tell me that's not Level 3 cardio!

All in all, this is a great workout DVD to add to your collection. The ability to customize your workouts is great and the some of the moves are new and I've never done them before.

Start July off right and lay down the cash for this. You won't be disappointed in the workout it gives you.

I got this for cheap ... I joined a video club & got this for 49 cents. Best money I have ever spent. Anyway, you can get it at most stored that sell videos for under $15 or get it at Amazon for under $10.

Watch for the next video I have to share ... it's the biggest loser power sculpt. I haven't done it yet so I don't know if it's bad or good.


  1. How many steps did it do? hehehe

  2. Emmi, my damn butthead computer froze up on me when we were talking in IM earlier, I am so sorry and I was pissed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Lisa

  3. I'm sure that's one good workout!

  4. I can't do it.  Too many problems with my knees.  I can't do the lunges.  But I am glad you got your $.49