Friday, June 13, 2008

WI & Swelling

Photobucket Today is weigh in day for both weight loss groups that I'm a part of. All I have to say is $H*T .... I gained! I know what the problem is & it has nothing to do with not exercising (although I do need to bump up my time), it has nothing to do with not drinking my water or watching my portions. So what's left? TOM & a sunburn. All us ladies know that TOM can really add some weight to ya, well believe it or not ... getting a bad sunburn can add even more water weight to a person. I went to the Doc. on Tuesday cause I was so concerned about not having ankles. I took pics but it didn't come out all that great!

These pics are from Monday night ... this burn is 3 days old so you can just imagine how bad it was Friday night & Saturday morning.

Believe it or not ... by Tuesday night I was so swollen at the ankles that I had to remove the wrap that the doctor applied cause it was turning my foot purple. She didn't put the wrap on super tight but at night is when I swell up to the biggest so thus the swelling. Thank goodness DH came in to check on me because had he not mentioned my feet feeling like ice cubes I may have never realized it was from the wrap.

So, even though this is a rough weight to swallow, I'm not giving up. The burn is almost gone so with that the swelling should go & TOM will be outta here in a couple more days. Now if I am still up this high next Friday then I give you all permission to dog me out ... you can even come to my house & kick my arssss. I'll deserve it!

Off to take the kids to VBS. It's their last day ... they are doing their little program later this morning. Of course I'll have pics. =D



  1. ouch girl that looks like it hurts omg you are like dylan you have to be so careful being outside I pray you are not in any pain and you know as well as I do that you are going to lose it all and probably more so stay focused I know you can do it

  2. BE careful- you look like you could have sunburn poisoning- My daughter got it twice (now that's bad!) First time it was the feet and ankles like you- could not wear shoes for a week and she was left with scarring on her chest from it when she lived in Texas- I'm glad you went to the doctor for it! Next week all that weight will disappear- Dannelle

  3. OMG.... ouch is right...that hurts me just looking at it..hope you feel better girl.  

  4. Thats a bad burn! I burn like that too... its so painful! Hope your feeling better

  5. Ouch, Emmi, I hope that burn is getting better.  Love your toes!