Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Challenge

walk 4 health

July Challenge

I'm changing up the rules this month cause I think we're all tired of looking at the scale every Friday morning & praying to the scale Gods for a loss big or small. This month we will be paying more attention to the activity we get in instead of a number on the scale. We all know by now that true fitness isn't measure by a number but rather the inches we have on our bodies. So what are we gonna do in place of the scales? We're gonna walk, jog, run, bike ... anything that gets us up & moving. Trust me, once those endorphis start kicking in you will love the changes your body is making. We can eat as healthy as we want but if we aren't getting in the activity then it's basically all for nothing.

Challenge Rules:
only 2 rules this month!

1. Weigh in on the first & last day of the month.
2. Log your miles into me daily or every Friday morning.

So how will this challenge be run?

This challenge will be based on the number of active members participating in the challenge. For each person in the challenge we will set a daily goal of 3-5 miles per person, per day for 5 days a week. This will bring us to a goal number. Example; a person walking 3 miles 5 days a week will reach 15 miles a week or 75 miles per month. A person walking 4 miles 5 days a week will have 20 miles a week or 100 miles a month and lastly if you choose 5 miles a day (you can walk the weekends to get in your miles) that's 25 miles a week or 125 miles for the month.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! We can do this & believe me ... each & every one of us are so worth the effort to become more active.
Interested in joining in on this challenge? Click --> ThinChicks  Challenge starts July 1st & ends on the 31st. Should you join please let me know how many miles a day you will be able to commit to so I can start your miles chart. The top two walkers will be receiving prizes!!!


  1. After practicing yesterday I think this will kill me, at least I'll die standing and be able to continue my walk to the place beyond! I walked 4.1 miles, maybe a goal of three is better! lol Dannelle

  2. I used to walk 5 miles every day.  Of course, I was only 135 then too.  I might try this challange.  Besides, I need to knock my exercise level up a bit anyway.

  3. I'm gonna beat you, I'm gonna beat you,