Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Walking Goals

I've decided I need to really step up my cardio & walking is something that I know I can do no matter how much I don't feel like getting up. So I have a goal ... to reach 620 miles by the end of October . I'm pretty sure I can do it. That's an average of 4 miles every day. I like to cycle & walk on my treadmil so those miles will be added to this total as well.

So far for my first day I have logged in 4 miles, don't know if I will get in any more miles but it's a start & I do have 4 months to get there. I'm looing at this journey as "One Step at a Time."


  1. Hey, after you walk 620 miles, where are you going to be?? lol.... can I walk with you??? Sounds like fun.  Maybe if you walk towards my house and I walk towards your house, we can meet for dinner

  2. That is a goal. Four miles a day. Are you counting everything or just targeted walking miles? I used to do it but not now unless I'm at Costco or Disneyland! Dannelle

  3. You can do it girl I know you can

  4. I so need to start walking again, Love and Hugs Lisa