Monday, June 30, 2008

New Video

The Biggest Loser Workout: Power SculptI was really excited to get this DVD, (it came with my Columbia House sign on bonus) especially since you can pick your level and make it "last" for 6 weeks while adding new levels and new moves throughout the 6 weeks. Now let me preface this with saying, I am semi fit. I work out 4-6x a week doing cardio for 30-45 minutes at a time. (And when I do cardio the sweat is literally dripping off me in waves.) I also have been doing sculpting DVDs 2x a week for the past 6 months. This workout kicked my butt! Level one is definitely easy enough for intermediate, yet will still challenge those who are in good shape.

My only "criticism" is that I don't think this DVD is appropriate for beginners. You may get discouraged if you can do as many reps as the trainer & the group.  My advice to a beginner would be to concentrate on form before you concentrate on reps or how heavy your weights are. In the DVD a lot of the participants have really poor form. (Even though the trainers give them a thumbs up.) Watch the trainer and copy them. Once your form is perfect add weights and/or increase your reps. I'm sure any trainer will tell you they'd rather you do one really good move than 10 of the same move with poor form. That is any good trainer out there believes this! I would always tell my clients this.

If you want to loose weight and you stick with this DVD I can't imagine you wouldn't change your life and body. And on the same token, if you are already in shape this DVD will add variety and excitement to your workout as well as giving you a really challenging workout.

You can find this in most stores that sell workout videos (well on their web sites) but the cheapest place I have found it is at Amazon. They have new & used for under $10.

Now ... onto me! I didn't weigh in this morning cause I have an offical weigh in with my group tomorrow because it's the first day of our new challenge. Anyhow, I did get up this morning with DH & do a 40 minute yoga video. We both were zapped afterward but not energy wise ... this video killed our ankles and back. DH told me this morning he thinks he's rather try Pilates tomorrow because he doesn't really like yoga so much. I think I'm inclined to agree with him. Although similar ... it's different. I also did Biggest Loser Power Sculpt #1 with Jillian. Great workout, had me all sweaty before the warm up was even finished.

Food wise; I started the morning out with whole wheat cheerios, cup of coffee with ff creamer, and I've started on my 50 oz bottle of water. Lots of cardiot o do today so that bottle will probably be gone not long after lunch. Speaking of lunch, I'm thinking of a lean pocket with a fiber choice yogurt & apple. Dinner, I haven't decided ... it's not even lunch yet!


  1. sounds like a great video

  2. With all the kick butt cardio you do, I can't understand why you aren't losing weight.  Just keep it going.  This looks like a great video too!