Friday, June 27, 2008

Weigh In Day

The dreaded day that I hate most in each week ... weigh in day. It's not that I hate my scale, it's that he hates me. I am proud to say that I'm down to 203.2 however with all the activity I'm taking in I believe the scale should have been so much nicer to me. I had a goal to meet ... by the 30th I am supposed to be at 200 ... 199.9 would be even better. Uggg, guess I'll need to step things up even more.

Stepping up my cardio is gonna be pretty easy time wise. DH is working the 2nd shift for 2 weeks. He leaves at 10:30 am & doesn't get home until about 7:30. It makes it easy to really get int he cardio & not feel like I'm taking away from family time.

Speaking of family time, we won't be having much tonight. The kids are going to their friends house tonight around 4:30 so I will be alone until 7:30 ... already told DH we won't be going out to the movies or dinner cause we need to start cutting back on take out. We'll save a ton of money & even more importantly ... we'll save all the fat. Now that he isn't doing PT every morning he's getting a bit of a belly. Nothing to worry about but if he doesn't keep up with the morning walks his belly could pooch out a lot more.

Walking ... I got out there at 7 this morning with hubby next to me & did a 2.2 mile walk in 33.45 minutes. We cut our time by a little over a minute. I knew I wanted to make better time this morning & when he told me we were at 32 minutes at the bottom of the last hill I said we'll never make it under 35 minutes. He says well if ya really want it then we will. Something came over me & I said well the only way that will happen is if we run the rest of the way home ... so we did. OMG, I can't believe I ran up the stupid hill, it's no sissy hill either. I think it was actually easier on my knees to run it then try to walk it. Is that weird?

Food: uuuummmm, I don't have much of a plan. I had a yogurt with granola for breakfast ... of course my 34 oz bottle of water which is almost gone. Lunch I have no earthly idea ... suggestions welcomed. Dinner is Turkey Joes ... found a great recipe for that this morning & my snack will probably be fruit.

Cardio: Gotta get more miles in for the day. I'm thinking of turning on some fabulous music & getting on the stationary bike & riding for 30-40 minutes. That's at least 6 miles to add not to mention I burn a pretty good amount of calories if I use the arm portion of the bike.

So that's my day ... bottom up!


  1. I think once all the medical stuff is done you will be doing so much better and as for the scale she hates me lol ..keep up the good work it will come off .

  2. I had a disapointing weigh in today.  I stayed the same!  It's so frustrating.  Guess I have to step up the exercising.

  3. Thanks for the Sparky tip. I got the turkey Joe recipe and I like it so next time I shop I will get ground turkey.  You are on the plan and in the zone- stay focused!Dannelle

  4. Emmi, I do'nt even own a scale, but if I did it would probably hate me, Hugs Lisa

  5. I finally get back to reading journals and yours starts off with a brownie recipe...  You did good with your walking and I am sure that every time you get out there, you will be able to shave a little more time off.  Great job!!