Thursday, October 16, 2008

Die with a T = DIET

OMG ... DH came home with a gift for me. Look --->

All I could do was laugh. He was like "what, you don't like it?" I drink coffee allt he time but on top of that is this great saying! Thanks hubby ... I may complain about you but your still the best!

I ended my night on a high note ... no M&M's!!! =D DH
made us grilled steak, mashed taters and green beans. Wen ended up going on 2 walks after he got off of work. One was a 1.5 mile while the other one was about 3/4 mile. It was nice to just get out & walk. It was slower then I would have liked but some activity is better than none at all.

While on our walk I made mention of his mood. He immediatly told me he thought about it all day long & promised he wouldn't do it again. He did play his game for a little while but thankfully not 4 hours straight! This morning he wasn't loud either. I slept through everything. The only thing I remember was him saying he loved me as he kissed my forhead good bye & then I remember him saying there will be coffee waiting on you when you wake up.

I did a bad thing for breakfast. I waited to long before eating & ended up grabbing ... poptarts. WTH is wrong with me? Guess I'll have to make up for it with my next 2 meals. I'm having a large chef salad for lunch and then dinner I don't know yet ... maybe left overs cause we have a ton. I'm thinking steak, couscous and peas. Yum Yum!

Cardio for the day will be a trail walk. I need to change things up. Maybe get back into my yoga booty ballet. I was really seeing the inches melt off of me even if the scale wasn't moving.

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  1. Kevin and i have decided that we're going to go on hikes every weekend, weather permitting to help shape us up.