Friday, October 24, 2008

Rainy days and .... Fridays

dieting Pictures, Images and Photos Today has been just a horrible dreary looking day. The rain has fallen most of the day. The rain doesn't bother me so much but the kids bother me too much when it's raining. They can't go outside to play with their friends so they don't have anything to do. Their bored so they want me to drive them somewhere ... anywhere. I don't drive in the rain. I have this fear of driving in the rain. It's raining cats & dogs Pictures, Images and Photos Ya see when I was little I was in a car accident and it was a stormy night. Since this time I just have this major fear that I will have a wreck. I will get in the car with someone else driving but I'm still scared!

Anyway, it's raining off and on so I knew this would mean hubby & I probably wouldn't go for our afternoon walk. Part of it is because he's working 4 hours overtime but mostly because of the weather so I decided to turn on exercise on demand & do a workout. I put on a 3 mile (40 min) walk ... OMG, that sucker was fast. Within 5 minutes I was already feeling the sweat working it's way to the surface. Within 10 minutes it was running all in my eyes. Did I mention that sucker was fast? WOW!!! Thankfully when the second mile came around at minute 13 I was pretty darned thankful. I wasn't sure I would make another mile at that speed. It totally sucks cause at the beginning of the year I would have flown right through it & if time permitted would've gone for another mile or two. Just goes to show you (and me) that just because we are maintaining our weight doesn't mean that we're retaining our health. So I did finish mile 2 at minute 25 ... braved through another 6 minutes and said that's it ... I'm done ... I'm pooped. Tomorrow I'll turn it back on & give it another go. On a positive note ... I did get a workout in & it was a good one.

brownies Pictures, Images and Photos Meal wise ... ummm, not perfect but I can live with my choices. Breakfast was a bowl of corn flakes, lunch was a ham/cheese sandwich with a hand full of chips, snack was a brownie (kids made it as a home economics project) with a tall glass of milk, & dinner is chicken/rice stir fry. So like I said, not horrible.

On a friendly note ... I heard from our dear friend Christina aka EVIL this afternoon. She is keeping herself busy at work (5am-5pm) then of course to the trainer a couple days a week. Her trainer expired this week so she wasn't thrilled about that. She thought she had another week to go. She sounds so happy with her new boyfriend E but disheartened by family & friends who think she's making the wrong move ... in their oppinion, she hasn't grieved long enough. pfff, what do they know? So, keep our dear Christina in your prayers ... hopefully her family will come to see just how happy E makes her.

Well, that's all for me. I'm gonna finish cooking dinner, relax in front of the boob tube with hubby then make a day of it tomorrow. We're planning on visiting with the twins, going to the local crafts fair, and then later in the night to the local haunted house. I think it's gonna be a blast. Hoping I will get lots of pics taken so I can share them.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. We've had a lot of rain here too today. No exercise here today! LOL