Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do Over Over

Good gravy ... how many darned do-over's am I gonna need? I didn't do horrible all day long. I have cereal, coffee, hummus on pita ... no snacks up until this point. Dinner was supposed to be something healthy ... steak, corn, potatoes. Well, DH, DD, & I went on our 2 mile walk at the track ... had a blast talking & cutting up. When we got home we just weren't in the mood to grill steak but not only were we not in the mood to grill we noticed the meat wasn't completely thawed out. Darn it ... it's all my fault. I didn't lay it out early enough so that's what we'll have for dinner tonight. Anyway, DH had a taste for bacon, eggs, and pancakes. He got his wish for everything but the pancakes. We were almost out of pancake mix. Thank God! He settled for toast & my waist line was happy too.

Doesn't sound like I did bad at all right? I didn't ... until DH pissed me off & I ended up grabbing a bowl of peanut butter M&M's. Ya see, the whole time he was on 3rd shift he said how much he hated not being able to relax & watch TV with me at night so that's what he was gonna love about 1st shift. That didn't really happen. We got back from out walk around 4 or so ... he sat down to play his video game on xbox ... about 4:30 he said he would make dinner ... we ate about 5. The man played his game & ate at the same time. I was disgusted cause usually we watch out TV shows together ... but not this time. When I finished I didn't make a big deal of it, I just got up & created some art for the PSP group. About 15 minutes before 7 he's still playing the game ... I'm a little annoyed at this point but I keep my cool. I tell him our show is coming on in 15 minutes & I'd like to watch it. He puts his game on pause ... hits the record button of=n the DVR and says you won't miss it if my game runs over. What an ass!!!

5 minutes til 7 I tell him I know you have recorded the show but wasn't the whole thing about sitting here together watching it. He seemed annoyed ... annoyed that I wanted to sit & watch TV with him. I said whatever. He said don't worry, this is the end of this battle so it ill be off in a couple of minutes. So I go get in my jammies and get ready to watch the show with him. As I walk by to get my bottle of water I hear another battle going on. I inquired about it & he said oh I guess it wasn't the end. I retrieved my stuff & headed to the bedroom to watch my show. I came back out real quick to tell them it was time to shower ... I guess he read my face & said I'm turning it off ... I said don't bother, you can watched the taped show but I'm watching it now. He actually got pissed at me and said that's not fair ... I'm shutting it down already.

Never mind that he's been playing the damn thing since around 4 and it's not 7 ... never mind that I didn't ask him to stop playing during dinner ... as I'm walking back to the bedroom, I half expected him to actually be turning that damn game off ... NOPE, he went back to a fight scene. I was so mad that I grabbed a bowl of M&M's and went to town on them. I didn't eat the whole bowl ... but I did some damage.

He came to bed an hour later swearing he would watch the next show with me ... he fell asleep within 20 minutes. Uggg, I don't know why I let him get to me but I did. I'll have to do much better today!

Don't know what's on the menu for the day. I'm thinking cereal for breakfast, pita & hummus for lunch, steak & taters for dinner ... maybe have a side salad with it for some roughage. Hopefully no snacks.


  1. I understand- C O M P L E T E L Y!
    It's the sharing of time and being together. Maybe that's why he makes so much noise in the AM- he thinks its ok at that point to want to comunicate LOL twice. Love, Dannelle

  2. Honey we have all been there and done that you will do better today

  3. I've been on a do over for six months straight! LOL

  4. Oh my... it must be something in the air... my hubby is acting up tonite also...

    I'm like W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R!!! Sorry about the M&M's though... Lisa

  5. Oh Emmi it's good to see you Journal On blogger. I have mine there too.

    I have add you to my reader list

    I'm on never ending do over. Yuck

    have a nice day