Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Checkin' In

Yep! I'm still here trying to shed this stupid weight & yes I have another plan to try cause all the protein was making me feel ill. I'm now trying Jillian Michaels approach that isn't just about exercise although I know I have to get more then a few walks in each week. Her program focuses on the kind of eating as well. I know, those of you who know me know I don't really eat poorly so I wasn't sure what her program could bring to the table. It's basically eating organic.

Her philosophy is this; if it doesn't have a mother & it doesn't come from the ground then don't eat it. Not really a major problem there. I should go to a farmers market & get as much fresh veggies as I can instead of getting it from the store ... no problem there either as we do this when ever we drive by the side of the road stands. The high protein diet left me feeling tired, run down and really like I couldn't have much of anything. I couldn't eat many things that the rest of the family were so I didn't feel like I was part of them. =(

I missed my fruit & most of my veggies. I still have to stay away from some of them the majority of the time. The starchy ones, but I can still have them, just once or twice a week instead of daily. I can deal with this.

So, this morning ... bright & early (6 am) hubby & I did our 25 min. 1.5 mile walk around the neighborhood. It was nice cause all the kids we're sleeping (fall break around here), the soldier were off doing their PT and everyone else I guess was still sleeping. We had a nice breeze ... so nice that when we came home we decided to open the house up & get some fresh air blowing through. Love this time of year. Yes, I love the summer but I don't like the bill that goes along with it. The fall is just perfect ... light t-shirt, light workout pants & very little sweat. It's wonderful!

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