Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weigh In

I was s oscaredto see the number on the scale but I know that putting it off isn't good for me either. I needed to know where I stood so I know where I have to get too. So the verdict ... 207.6! Not nearly where I thought I was. I was truly expecting to see 215-220! I'm guessing my clothes felt tight because TOM was here & I was having one heck of a time with my bowel movements. I know this is TMI but in the week we were gone I only had 2 BM's. Not good huh!

Ok so on to my food choices for the day.

B- 3 egg beaters, 1 oz cheese, salsa, coffee
S- string cheese wrapped in ham slice
L- protein shake
S- protein bar
D- chicken, steamed broccoli with cheese, 2 cup garden salad, ranch dressing

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  1. When ever the scale is less then we thought, it's time to party!