Monday, October 26, 2009

Setting Daily Goals

Your first step on the road to total health and your best life is simple: You can't achieve success if you are not moving toward something, so before you do anything else, you have to establish both short- and long-term goals. Need some motivation? Here are examples of what they want to accomplish today:

Stay on track
To work harder than yesterday...I was a little easy on myself yesterday
PUSH it on the elliptical
No cheating — chocolate is a killer when it's sitting right in front of you
Check out a martial arts course, Krav Maga, tonight
Plan dinner (because it's a busy night and when it gets busy what is not thought of is...dinner)
Not to procrastinate with my circuit exercises
Drink water instead of soda
What short-term goal can you commit to right now that will help you reach your larger goals?

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