Friday, October 2, 2009

Vacation pounds

I have no idea what I weigh ... I was to scared to check the scale this morning but I have no doubt that being on vacation for 7 days & only having take out that I gained major weight. Sure I walked a ton, I avereraged 17000 steps a day ... some more, some less. I just know how I look in pictures & I also feel like my clothes are tighter then when I left. I'm really upset about my weight so I'm going drastic with my food intake until I lose at least 30 pounds. I'm going to be watching ever carb amount that I take in. It seems my body doesn't handle carbs well at all so I'll just have to watch what carbs I do eat.

Guess what I learned on vacation? I'm no longer 5'6 but 5'4. How the heck does that happen? Now I have even more weigh to lose since I'm shorter. That just sucks rotten eggs! Oh well, means my weight range is now 106-140 pounds. My original goal was 145 so I guess I'm really only dropping my goal by 5 pounds I know I can do it. I'm sick to death of being a chunky monkey.

B- egg frittata

S- string cheese wraped with a slice of ham

L- protein bar

S- protein shake

D- baked chicken,brocooli with cheese

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