Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On Track!

So I've been busted my hump today to get my cardio in ... and my 10,000 steps a day that I have made a must do each day. I log on to see this was supposed to be my rest day.Whoops!!! When it comes to cardio I just don't know how to rest. I usually take one day off which is usually Sunday but even with that I still take a 1.5-2 mile walk. Oh well, can 2 days off really make that much difference.

I got on the scale this morning to see no weight loss as of yet but I 'm not gonna freak out cause it could be a number of things. Mostly I think it could be muscle cause although I have been doing cardio I have really let my weight training suffer.

Cardio: 660 calories burned
30 min BL circuit, 30min Latin Dance

Food: 1186 calories in
B: Lucky charms with milk
L: Turkey on wheat, lettuce, tomato, can of pears
S: string cheese, baby carrots
D: Taco salad, with sour cream

I'm having one heck of a time eating as much as the plan says I should be eating. The more I exercise the less I want to eat. No matter how hard I tell myself to eat something or exercise a little less ... it's just not working. I can't force myself to eat and I can't stop myself from exercising. Yes, I'm still a workout nut. I've always loved it!

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