Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fitness Equipment

I got something new ... not another video tape but a mini stair stepper.

9629 Stair Stepper - Fitness Essentials Mini Stepper - Exercise Equipment This little thing is wearing my ars out & believe it or not it's getting my heart rate way up into the 80% which is so NOT the norm for me. This little machine is a hydrolic like at Curves so the faster I move the more weight it adds to the workout thus the more calories I burn. Yesterday I couldn't make it past 13 minutes but today I was determined to get a great workout in. I put exercise on demand on, found a walk routine, stepped up on my machine & went with then step for step. A lot of leg burn but I mad eit 30 inutes today. Figure if I do it every day I will be up to 45 minutes sometime next week.


Nutrition Monday I have to go back to the dietician & I swear ... if I haven't lost any weight then I'm gonna be super mad. I'll be even more upset if I haven't gained more lean mass. If one of the two numbers don't change for the better then I'm not going back to her cause to me that means she isn't effecient at her job or there is something seriously wrong with me that my doctor needs to check out. I'm gonna take my friend Sharons advice & ask for a sonogram for my thyroids. The last time I mentioned it she felt the side of my neck & said she didn't believe that would be necessary since my blood work came back normal. I'm actually wondering what the number is because it seems like every magazine I open lately talks about how 1 in 7 women are not diagnosed with thyroid problems cause their numbers fall in the "could be ok" range. Their (dr.'s) believe that if you have a mild case & you treat it for a full blown problem then it will cause the body to have a bigger problem. I don't know ... all I do know is I'm really frustrated with not seeing results while I try to lose. I have to admit though ... because of my sinus infection I hadn't worked out in 1.5 weeks ... I did eat pretty good though. Hoping eating right helped make a small difference.

 Ok ... I'm off for a while. Gotta shower my stinky self & take Lily Grace to see one of DH's co-workers. She has 2 daschunds that she loves like children & wants to see how my mix compares with hers. =P ... hate to say it but MINES CUTER!!!!!! he he he


  1. Good Job on your work out. Hope all goes well with your appointment on Monday.

    Best Wishes,

  2. Was that little machine very expensive?  I would really like to get my treadmill moved back here (it's at our office right now......not getting any use out of it there!!) but having this little thing around would be even better.  

  3. I would like to have something like that!  I don't have room or money for a treadmill.  But that thing looks great!  I bet I couldn't do it for very long, though.  It probably makes the back of your legs hurt.