Monday, March 3, 2008

No More Pain

I haven't exercised in over a week due to my sinus infection. I can't take the headaches anymore so DH set an appointment for later this afternoon. I already know what their going to say ... it's alergies. This happens at the beginning of every season. They have put me on Alegra, Flonase, Claritin ... I took some of DH's singular the other day ... that stuff doesn't do anything for it. I know it's sinus problems cause if I bend over I have extreme pressure in my forhead, eyes, & nose. I was taking sudafed the last 2 days & it did seem to work great but this morning it's not really working for very long. Uggg ... I have to go to a different doctor in order to be seen today. Sucks but at this point I don't really care.

For those of you who don't read what Chaps My Ass I would like to introduce you to my new baby. We picked her up yesterday ... meet Lily Grace;

 She's a chihuahua/daschund mix and just the sweetest most playful little thing we have had in some time. Harley ... my little boy chi was never this playful. He's the strong silent type ... ha ... more like a sally tea cup mamma's boy. I love him dearly though. All the dogs seem to be welcoming her into the family. Our oldest is sitting in the background just trying to figure out what she is or why on earth I felt the need to have another baby around. I don't know ... I see certain dogs & I feel like I can just see their souls. I've always chosen my dogs that way too. I always pick them up & look into their eyes first. If I feel something there ...their mine, if not I move on. I love beautiful eyes & Lily has those beautiful blue eyes ... even bluer than Fancy (my blue chihuahua).

Ok, I'm off to eat lunch & get cleaned up for the dr. I go a little after lunch. Just what I need ... lunch to make my weight even higher then the last visit. Oh well ... just something to complain to my dr. about. Except for this headach I actually don't feel guilty about the lack of exercise. I'm just been listening to my body ... when it's hungry I feed it when it's full I stop. I'm noticing I not only eat less food each meal but I'm not seeing a need for all the snacks that I have grown accustomed to. Hmmmm ... I like it! Ok, I'm outa here.


OMG, what is it with me & Dr.'s? I can not seem to find one outside of my regular dr. that I like. The doctor today was about 30 minutes late for my appointment which wasn't as bad as it could have/has been. He walks in, introduces himself & says so what's the problem. I tell him I think I may possibly have a sinus infection due to the fact if I lean over at all I have a HUGE amount of pressure on my forhead, nose & eyes. He asked if this happens alot & I said around season change it's at it's worst. I told him I have been on alergy meds in the past but they never seem to help much. He looks at my throat & says my tonsils are extremely swollen ... gee, guess that's why it hurts to swallow. Looks at my chart & says have you been running a fever ... yup ... slight one since last Monday. He taps on my forhead ... taps under my eyes & says ... at least I think he said "ah yes, I can feel the pressue build up". I say I think cause in all honestly he was not a native speaker & his accent was so heavy I barely understood what he was saying. Anyway ... what I think he was saying is people who are prone to allergies (which I am) tend to get sinus infections easily. Great for me! He prescribed a nasal spray ... since I have had problems in the past with sprays & nose bleeds I asked him about it. I said I took flonase before which caused bad nose bleeds ... is this something I should expect again. "oh yes, for sure expect this." Another big yeah for me. Then he put me on Augmentin which is just another name for Amoxicillin ... this is to kill the infection. Then he was out the door. I bet he was only in the room 5 minutes tops. I can't wait to go back to my regular doctor cause I just don't like people who are responsible for my care but I can't understand much if anything of what their saying. It's so frustrating. I hate asking them to repeat theirselves ...

Oh, got the letter today from the clinic & both of the kids were approved to change their doctors over to mine. I'm so happy. Usually there is no problem but sometimes the doctor has to many patients so they will choose one for you.

Ok, so my head is killing me from all the bright lights & of couse the sinus infection so I;m gonna go lay down for awhile. Hopefully the meds will make me feel better, I hate feeling so sick that I don't want to do anything.


  1. Emmi, I sure hope you feel better soon, I was going to say another awesome namesake for your new puppy is my favorite detective on Cold Case, the lovely Lilly Rush, Hugs Lisa

  2. Lily is the cutest!!  I am not a doggie person, but I just like looking at them.  I really hope that this doctor helps with the sinus problem and who knows maybe will help with the weight loss.

  3. (((Emmi))))  Hope you feel better soon.  It sounds terrible!

    The puppy is adorable!

  4. I happen to stumble across your journal, and glad I did. It is always nice to find someone focused on their health like me. I hope you get better soon.

    Best Wishes

  5. I hope you feel better soon