Saturday, May 24, 2008

Check in

I Will Lose Weight This Time! Diet JournalThe Ultimate Pocket Diet Journal

This is what I purchased last night ... I woke up yesterday morning at 205. Down a half pound but still up higher then I was wanting to be. I needed a little extra help to get my fat ars together & back in charge of my weight. I've read through the book ... it's only about 20 pages of reading in the fron & then the majority of the book is a diet jornal. You kee track of water, food, mood, exercise, vitamins ... pretty much anything you want to. It has a chart in the beginning where you do a daily weigh in ... weekly if you choose ... then at the end of each week you log in your weight ... inches ... BMI ... and fat%. At the end of the month you see where you have come in a months time. I love it cause if I see that I have gained a couple of days but the overall of the lomth is a loss then I can feel proud of the direction I am going in. There's also a place to paste a now & after photo of my body. I almost don't want to do this portion of it but then again ... I know I need to see me this large so I can remind myself of where I don't want to be now ... once I hit my goal & can use it as a "I NEVER WANT TO BE THERE AGAIN" photo.

Well, I'm off to watch a movie ... have dinner. DH made a flank steak wrapped in bacon with green beans & potatoes. Yum yum.


  1. Emmi, looks like a good book to me, Hugs Lisa

  2. The books sounds like a great idea, and one that can help me as well. I looked up on amazon, and it shows that they are two separate books. Which book is the one that has the 20 pages, and allows you to log in your weight, inches, BMI and fat%?

    Best Wishes,