Friday, May 30, 2008

Video Switch a Roo

dance I was all set to do my little Prevention walk this morning but as the day drug on & I kept putting my workout off I just couldn't seem to get motivated to basically march in place. I know it's a fun video but I wanted something fresh ... something new. Well, MIL needed to go to Walmart to pick up some meds so I decided to look for a new workout video. Walmart is not my favorite place to look for videos (excercise) because they just don't have a very good selection anymore. I don't know why but they don't. Well as it happens there was a video that I have been thinking about getting for a while now but for some reason or another I decide not to get the thing ... well not this time.

Dancing With the Stars - Cardio DanceI absolutely love this dance video--it's just plain fun. However, it could prove difficult for people without any dance experience. If I hadn't taught dance aerobics classes for a couple of years plus done all the other dance videos that breaks down steps, I would have been completely lost. Many people may not pick things up as quick as I do, but if you have limited or no dance experience, I wouldn't recommend this DVD unless you are naturally very coordinated.

This summer I'm taking a Latin Jazz class, and this DVD features many Latin dancing staples (the Cha Cha, the Samba, and the Paso Doble). "Dancing with the Stars" will be a great way to reinforce the routines in the Latin Jazz Class. As an additional selling point, Maks has beautiful line and great technique--I loved watching him demonstrate (and the fact that he is gorgeous and 6'2" only added to my enjoyment). The bubbly Ashly can move at lightning speed with flawless precision.

The last segment, the improvisational bonus challenge, was high-energy and fun to watch, but for me, completely undoable. Instruction was almost non exsistant which really sucks when your used to getting a break down of moves first. Overall though ... for $10 and a steaming hot video ... if you can learn dance steps after a couple of viewings then you'll love this video.

If you've ever watched a season of Dancing With the Stars, then you've seen how fit the stars get from dancing week by week. All that booty shaking can really burn a lot of calories (one hour of ballroom dancing can burn 300 calories). Two of the professional dancers on the show, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Cheryl Burke, demonstrated a dancing workout on People recently that looks like a lot of fun.



Here are highlights:

Dancing’sMaksim Chmerkovskiy, who, along with Seasons 2 and 3 champion Cheryl Burke, shows his moves below. “Working out on machines is so boring,” Maksim says. “This way, you can change the atmosphere, the mood – and you’re also learning how to dance.”

For a step by step guide for getting in a workout with three different dances, just read more

The Samba: 1. Stand with feet together, bend at the knees and bounce to the samba beat while contracting abdominals. 2. Step to the side and back to the center. This benefits your thighs, calves and abdominals, says Maksim. To increase intensity, bounce up on your toes as you move.

Paso Doble: 1. Swing your partner from one side to the other (as a matador swings his cape, which Cheryl represents). 2. Move your hips forward, twist your body and make a circle with your arms to stretch and tone abs and obliques. 3. Finish by swiveling your hips and allowing your partner to open her arms.

The Rumba & Cha-Cha: 1. For the rumba, lunge on one leg – great for thighs and glutes. Your partner leans in, working her inner thigh. 2. Now, the cha-cha. Spin your partner. To maintain her center, she keeps her abs tight throughout. 3. “Twist the body, extend the arm but don’t relax your abs or you’ll fall off balance!” Maksim warns.

If you're feeling this type of a workout, then you may also want to try the Dancing With the Stars DVD.

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  1. i got this video and LOVE it too.  So much fun!