Thursday, May 29, 2008


ThinChicks is opening it's doors for new membership for the month of June. If your interested, please read on.

The name of this challenge?

This month we are changing things up ... we'll be working along side the D-I-E-T weight loss group. We figure more ladies = more support.

Things to ponder when deciding to join ThinChicks;

Are you in a weight loss slump? Did you start the year all gung ho but now your suffering from diet fatigue? Well, come on in & sit a spell ... get rid of the diet fatigue with fun daily challenges & sometimes comicical conversation. What have you got to lose but some weight?

This challenge starts June 1st & runs until June 30th. Good luck in the challenge & may the biggest loser win.

Challenge Rules: 1. You must check in no less than once a week.

2. You must post your weight each Friday. Photo prefered but not required!

3. If you chose to drop out of the challenge you will not be eligible for the prize.

4. After the challenge starts you can join in the challenge but you won't be eligible for a prize.

5. You must be willing to send me your snail mail if you win the challenge so I can send you your prize.

Group Rules that must be followed or your membership will be terminated without advance knowledge.

1. NO DRAMA!!! If you have a problem with someone in the group e-mail the founder privately, DO NOT address the group as a whole! (founder address can be found on the main Thin Chicks page).

2. This is a group for support so to get it you must also give it.

3. You must check in no less than once a week.

4. You are not permitted to change your e-mail delivery to special notice only. Daily Digest is acceptable however it is discourage because any photos that may come through the group will not be shown on daily digest.

Think this group/challenge is for you? Click below to join.


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  1. That EVIL chick is kicking our butts so we had all better work this month to catch up to her!!!

  2. ROFLMAO... I just saw Michele's  Hell yeah I am kickin butt and plan on keeping it like that.  Thanks for the motivation!!!!
    Christina ooops I mean EVIL

  3. great challenge I am so excited ..