Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day #4

My biggest food day of the week and I'm not scared to eat the points. This fatty is very very hungry. =D Today I can have between 36-39 points ... yeah baby! I want pancakes, cup cakes, any kinda cakes but I know if I have those things I won't really get to eat as much food cause those items come with huge points so I'm gonna play it smart & just eat right. I'm gonna work the points system ... not have it work me! Can you tell I'm more serious about losing this time? How long has it been that I'm still here on day 4 and going strong? S o long that I can't even remember.

Maybe I'm more motivated this time cause next month we're going to Disney. I do not want the rides to be painful. My gosh, I can't even believe I have gotten so big that some seats are actually a little to small for my over grown behind. Also, in November we're heading to MO and Ill to see family & friends. Some friends I hahven't seen since high school & looking at their pictures I know their small. I know I can't lose all the weight but I can be smaller then I am now & feel much better about myself.

B=2 eggs, 3 bacon, 2 toast, 1 slice tomato, coffee,
S= apple, v-8 juice,
L= protein bar, chocolate covered banana,
S= roast beef, string cheese,
D= green beans, baked chicken, mashed potatoes,
S= 100 calorie pack, 1 cup 2 % milk.

cal 1796, fat 78.2, fiber 20.7, protein 88.2, wp 35

Water: 9 cups thus far

Cardio: didn't have the energy for it today.

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